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HOURRY: Only a few copies at this reduced price! Any website owner, blogger and affiliate marketer: Creates the best video content from YouTube for you. Earn cash with affiliate offers and banners now. Publish unlimited videos in unlimited categories. HURRY: Only a few copies at this reduced price!

"I' d like to thank you for making this plug-in. There was a page at that was obsolete and did nothing.

I' ve used your plug-in to upgrade it into a video-based website for all the IM tools and tools I use and highly recommended. Setting it up was quick and simple and now, instead of just sit idly, the site will generate commission for me! "It' s so simple to create these pages, it uses one of the best source contents and is also so simple to monetary.

It is very simple to use and has good technical supports. To those of us who are really engaged, the capability to add new, high-quality automatic contents to your website is both effective and highly comfortable. The other great thing is that George has carefully placed help information on the administration page, which makes the plug-in very beginner-friendly.

Again and again high quality videos have to be created or contents have to be written..... You know, dear online marketer, it is not as simple to build affiliated pages as it may sound. They need the right contents.... Text, pictures or VIDEOS! Do you know what kind of contents already do that? A HIGH QUALITY VIDEOS - the most frequently viewed contents on the web!

All you have to do is cure them and put them on your website. There is a way to actually, lawfully and ethical use and benefit from other people's contents on your website. Get more VALUE for your visitor & make simple fees. There' s no simple way to find, get and append this high-quality video to your websites.

Damn, there's no simple way to make video affilates pages (that make you money). All we got were shitty pages with no results. A very simple to use tool - just click, click and you're done! Softwares that take less than 60 seconds to build a full video Affiliate site for you - that can earn you massive revenue....

HOURRY: Only a few copies at this reduced price! Truly straightforward to use. Easily and easily plugged in and played. Easily and easily plugged in and played. Stage 3: Press GO and your website is MADE! View this demo video to see it in action: Just think, you could create new video affiliate pages in no time at all.

Just think if you had not just one, but 10 or even 20 partner pages that earn you a commission. How would it felt if your new websites were at the top of Google? Eliminate the need to click around for hundreds of minutes to create a website by hand. Absolutely no $100s spent on contents. You will never again waste your life making one side after the other.

You no longer have to set up virtual assistants to publish your contents and do other tedious jobs for you. Video of other peoples.... There are TWO things all the above pages have in common: 1) You get a MILLION of website traffic per visitor per month. 2 ) They are embedding video on their pages that they have not created. However, this shows you how Powerfull video can be a cure.

Provide valuable information to others and they will still enjoy you, even if you haven't created the information yourself. It was really impressive to see the usability and speed with which the video was added to my test page. This is another great George brand that' s ten fold the asking value! It' the best YouTube puller I've ever used, it makes it so simple to put my listings on my site and place a hyperlink to my listing, as it's amazing for the intended function how I can put it on auto pilot.

HOURRY: Only a few copies at this reduced price! 1 ) Get SUPER-DESTINATION video for your "money" keywords: It is even better if you use a catchword like "product name" or "product name rating". Use for example the catchword "Fat Diminisher Review" and let the plug-in fill your website with test video for this one.

2 ) Get video from the TOP YouTube channels: Just browse the high-quality YouTube channel you choose. This way you can be sure that the contents are authentic and your guests will appreciate them. 3 ) Get the best out of the best video with our filter technology: Choose a video that has high video performance, ratings, at least the number of viewings, and about time.

4) Publish your video contributions when you are ready: 5 ) Published articles under the correct page category: On your WordPress page you can create contributions under the categories "fitness training" and "fitness training". 6 ) Allows you to see a video previewer before you publish it: Choose only those you really want to include in your website.

Every contribution is completely optimized for searching engines, for the video titles, automatic. It finds all associated video tag and inserts them to your post. The majority of individuals do not take the trouble to optimise their contents because it costs a great deal of patience and work. However, your pages are ranked much higher on Google than those of your competition who do not optimise their pages well.

8 ) Monetarize your contributions with the easy-to-use online submission tool: Add your affilate hyperlinks, ads and ads to the mailings. You can, for example, display your Affiliate URL below the video and make commission when your traffic buys from the video. 9 ) Many choices: You have maximal influence over the behavior of your video.

Automatically play video, show/hide associated video, show/hide annotation. 10 ) Video players with cellular response: YourTube video is displayed in a fully portable video viewer. That means your viewers can watch the video whether they're viewing it from a computer, notebook, tablet or cell phone.

That means they'll put more value on your site, they' ll stick with it longer and they'll buy more. 11) So simple that even a grandmother can use it: It has an intuitional, idiot-proof user surface. Next to each feature is a "Help" hyperlink if you need more information and you will get text and video workouts.

Create fantastic websites with just a few mouse clicks, full of high value video. These pages are optimized for searching machines, so that they will occupy a high position in Google. Enables you to be the proud owners of a web site community that really wants visitors and buyers. Monetise your website with your affilate link, banner and promotions.

Join us as a great partner and earn a job-transferring revenue without the hassle of handwork. There is a guideline and 10 video clips included in this bonuses. Get authoritative links to your website. You' ll find out in the videos: Be a good "YouTube citizen" and much more! HOURRY: Only a few copies at this reduced price!

When you have problems with the plug-in and we can't help you solve the problem, we will give you 100% of your refund if you ask for your order within 30 workingdays after you made your order. Begin to build your video site empire in the next 60 seconds: HURRY: Only a few copies at this reduced price!

Virtually all you have to do is click a few keys and this plug-in works for you. What makes this different from other video site manufacturers? We' ve tried a couple of different video site builders on the net, and they were either really hard to use or had flaws.

"Look on the YouTube TV station'Fitness Blender', find video on'Workout for Women', don't contain video on'Nutrition' or'Men', the video must have at least 10,000 hits, be longer than 20 minutes and have a high score. Not only does the plug-in find video - it finds the BEST video on YouTube.

The other big differences are the graphical template, which allows someone to monetise the contributions created very simply, advertise different items according to the keywords used to generate the video, modify the advertised item in seconds and adapt the changes to all the contributions made. May I see an example of a website created with the plugin?

The entire contents are accessed via the YouTube API. PRO edition that has tonnes more functions that allow you to get 10 times more traffics for your affiliated pages. Development privileges on the plug-in so that you can be remunerated by customers to either deploy it on their website or resell websites with the plug-in on them.

I have the right to use this plug-in. When you purchase one of the licences on this page, you can use the plug-in on your own websites. You will need a development licence if you need to use the plug-in on customer pages or if you need to resell pages where the plug-in is located.

HOURRY: Only a few copies at this reduced price!

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