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It' intended for authors who sell music on AudioJungle. Simply watch this demo video and get this AE template for your SUMMER OPENER! Find VideoHive elements from your music with the help of your music.

It' intended for writers who are selling music on AudioJungle. Put bluntly, it's an simple way to watch and watch VideoHive elements using your music. View all songs registered under your area. View a complete listing of VideoHive objects that use your music. Get e-mail alerts (optional) when new VideoHive elements are found.

Below are some hints for the future: It is the primary aim of this research to provide all pieces of music with a print. If you log into the site at least once, make sure the repository contains all your music. Looking to the far distance, I am planning to realize music detection with this kind of information.

A proposal I have is to set up a filtering system to organize recognized project by traffic (sales / views). A further question: Does this recognize ALL VH project using the music of an AJ writer (even those who used the music but have no credit), or only those who leave a reference in the inscription?

As soon as your articles are marked with a thumbprint, the sound detection is used to find video that has run out of credits. At the moment I have no fingerprints of elements (I did it, but I erased them all accidentally), so what you see is actually linkable. Will there be a possibility in the near term to provide our articles with a print, or will this happen automatic?

It' a great little utility, I found my music in videos live that I didn't even know I had.

I had a personalized videotape made for less than $300.

To be precise, I had a personalized advertising animation made for less than $300 ($288.49 to be precise). Our Videoproject began when we added Voiceovers to Envato Studio. In this spirit, I've begun to create a Halloween movie that includes a mix of Envato Store and Envato Studio items.

This letter was nice and nice ?make - make a funny Halloween movie with a VideoHive movie from VideoHive, Music from AudioJungle and Envato Studio over. Each of these items is then purchased together and packed by a contractor on Envato Studio. The first thing was to find the videotape, as this will shape the musical styles and the speech that will be used in the over, so let's go to VideoHive.

Searching for'Halloween' gave a lot of results in all possible classes (literally: 1069+ different options). Turn your soundtrack LOW and hover over the miniatures as the VideoHive crew has this fantastic function that lets you easily watch video previews by dragging your mouse over them.

Because of this I found the following one with only one sales at that point and I found it funny and perfectly for our needs. Next, I needed some creepy music to play with our film. So I went over to AudioJungle, where I did a similar procedure to the one I did for the Videosearch.

On this occasion I looked for "frightening" and refined with "music" and then sorted for "best match". First of all the results were great and seemed to go great against the cartoon styling of the film. Ok, so I have my tape and my music and next I had to organise a voic over, but before I did I had to compose a screenplay.

Tried to keep the phrases brief to match the selected one. Since I' m not the greatest author in the whole wide sense of the word, I found this a little frightening and maybe I will hire someone from our next issue of our creativity department to help me.

Voice-over to view the precise text. Voice-over to view the precise text. Scenario 5Hides the envelope spookio icon and envelope spookio URL. The music goes out until the next scenery. Considering that Halloween was coming quickly, I opted that the tape would just wish everyone a Merry Halloween. Well, with a movie preset, the items you see in the VideoHive previews are usually very adaptable and can be used in a variety of ways.

It was now finally up to Envato Studio to get a correspondingly creepy vocal over talented. Following a brief quest in the Voicemail Over section, where I listened to demonstrations of various vendors, I found PeterBakerVoiceover's list and was immediately struck by his vocal performance. It' very dark and rough, which is great for a Halloween movie!

Then I showed him the tape on VideoHive to show him what his vote was used for. It responded very quickly and even sent me a GREAT example that it had a similar vote in a former one. My intention was to make sure that we were both on the same wavelength in terms of language styles and how certain words were spoken.

It will be just a little bit of fun to watch this little movie to wish you all a merry Christmas! Spookio' is made up, say it like you do, creepy. It was a small modification and I had used the over within another 24h and it was fantastic!

Actually quite a voiceover came through with great voices (not to speak of a really scary clucking), so thank you Peter! So at that point I had the videotape, the music and the vote, so I just needed someone to put them all together. Meaning to take a look through the great service in our Videos section.

When I heard from a pair that they could meet the date, I went with Doru and his After Effects Customization and Rendered to Optimized Movie Services. So I sent Doru the scripts, the videos, the music, the vocal over and my own slaughtered copy of the Envato Studio logos to begin work. Slightly more than 24 hour later I had the following tape and was blew away.

So, since I am a full fledged herd ( and the fact that I thought Envato Spookio was a great piece in our name ), I bought the domainname and presented it at the end of thevideo. He also applauded us for giving us a great vote (and for the improvisation of the big clucking at the end) and Doru for quickly turning this projekt around and even adding a stylish Envato sheet label at the end.

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