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Mosaic Photo Unveiling of yeaaboy You can now unveil After Effects with this mosaic photo pattern. Not just a slide show - it's a multi-faceted tool that lets you present all kinds of travel - whether it's for your company, a unique person in your lifetime, or to record an unforgettable experience. The latest release allows you to make your movie ready for rendered in just a few moments thanks to a scripts we' ve attached to your order.

Release 3.0 on July 2, 2018: Release 2.1 on March 12, 2015: Release 2.0 on July 14, 2014: plus 2 add-ons for bonus templates: Changed the check box Controls to work across these add-ons on a global basis. Added light off (cast shadow) feature to the Quick render time check box button.

Release 1.1 of April 18, 2014:

Photo-animator by Anton

Like many of us often do, we find ourselves in a position where we have to incorporate photographs into a movie (documentary, corporate movie, report,... whatever). The simple way is to just zooming in or out of the photo. When you want to give your pictures more "life," start drawing screens and animating parts of the picture to give the impression of a moving camerawork.

Therefore I began to construct a mould that helped me and shortened the amount of work. Position items within the landscape: Now you can customize each level with individual mask settings. That means you can paint a mask and choose which parts of the photo should be on which levels. Note that this is not a "supermagic tool", and there will still be some types of photographs that work better than others.

Photographs with many different subjects (e.g. people) in the front and back are more complicated. Even "flat" photographs without deepness, such as something in front of a brick surface, don't give much of a 3-D effect. Most of the pictures I tried it on worked great. So if you have any desires or suggestions that you want me to realize, don't delay writing me!

I am always pleased about your comments and feedbacks. That will help me to make the tools better! Please send me a message, I am looking forward to all your proposals and am always looking for ways to enhance the Animation! Are you looking for a way to create an animated portrait? Take a look at the new 3D portrait that I have made with a friend:

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