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Use After Effects project files or templates to simplify your work with motion graphics and visual effects. VideoHive with 15 Best After Effects Templates It' s astonishing to me that Envato Market now has nearly 50,000 After Effects products. This summary will switch between some of the best After Effects stories I've found on VideoHive. Everybody agreed that After Effects is an unbelievably high-performance application. So what do you do if you need to make a pro movie but don't have the inclination to use After Effects?

Your response is to begin with a VideoHive based collaboration that you can take over and customize. Join AinTrailers, one of my favourite Envato market researches. Ability to produce tens of thousands different characters and simply move them around to make an amazing explanatory movie on a tightudget.

After Effects is one of my favourite applications for giving still pictures a feeling of animation: Just Drag and Drops pictures into this artwork and see them come to live as if they were from film. When you spend your day creating web and portable applications for your customers, the last thing you think of is creating a role for your business to develop videos.

You can even synchronize sounds with it. And because the Glitch is inherently accidental, it's great that you can make adjustments in this game. Here is another example that shows the deepness of the type of projects available on Envato Market. Wildcards for your pictures or videos make it easier to append and adjust the artwork, and you'll see how they come to life with wide brush strokes that draw them onto the screen.

Transfers are integrated with most types of camcorder applications, but this lets you do more when you' re cropping between shots. Utilize unusual panning specials, destination zoom, and more. Good typesetting can really make a big difference when it comes to the professionality of a film. Although After Effects comes with built-in typing utilities, it can be a little dull to make a text motion show.

No matter if you produce for The Emmys or The Dundies, this projekt will create the conditions for an unforgettable one. A major misunderstanding in making videos is that a movie must be complicated to attract the viewer's interest. Photoframes help to dissipate this legend by easily blending your own pictures and neat type for a simple videoproject.

Just append your own wallpaper score and this typographical videotape will be more than enough to make an impression. And who doesn't need unusual titles when making a film? Lower Thirds animations are meant to superimpose videos and deliver details or contexts. As with many of the featured products in this summary, it's simple to modify the colours you see in the screenshots below and exchange your own text.

This animation is so professionally made that you would think you were at home in a large format film. Marriage photography is a great example of how those who take pictures of their cloves plunging into the waters of making videos. The addition of a short film to your customer's bundle brings a great deal of added value and can make you stand out in a fiercely contested business.

Insert the name and data of your pair (optional) and select one of the style buttons to create a professionally designed inlay. After Effects has some of my favourite After Effects stories, but Envato Market is far too profound to cover the best contents in a single article. Have a look at these other contributions we made on Tuts+ to see other quick video creation features.

What is your favourite Envato Merc files?

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