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You can also download the free file of the month on videohive. or try it with After Effects Video Templates. Free 101 Adobe After Effects templates (and how to create your own)

Adobe After Effects templates are a great way to help you streamline your work flow and give your body of knowledge creativity." See more than 100 of the web's best After Effects templates below. With the increasing use of After Effect, the use of templates to change and improve your project has also grown.

Since After Affects is a non-destructive movie editing and motion graphics software, you can try all kinds of templates without corrupting the initial artwork file. That makes it simpler than ever to start experimenting with the use of special effect and motion scenes in your work. When you' re looking for commercial-quality results and are in a rush to find a serious business tool, select from one of the hundreds of inexpensive Adobe After Effects templates available on VideoHive.

Below are some favorites: 30 tracks in motion and lower third that give your design a slim look. Courageous, cutting-edge conference and meeting franchise, this ingenious design with trendy shallow artwork offers slim authenticity for your meeting. Easy border motion, subtile lighting leakage and foil graphic effects provide neat, reassuring graphic images.

Glossy effect are in. An advanced setting of a glitch for subtile bias will give your projects a dramatic touch. With this gorgeous, geometrically inspiring opening scene that features glare distortions, fat motion graphics as well as black-and-white esthetics, you'll give this scene an extra glow. Utilize the power of the city' surroundings with glare effect, dirty lenses and contemporary esthetics.

Add gloss and color to your logos, animations or titles with this particulate effect handling. Kaleidoscopic effect and lens adjustments such as blurring, coloration, immersion and soiling provide a funny, stylish look. Clear graphic design with rich geometrical wiping cloths provide a clear optical effect in this transition package. Achieve dramatic effect with palladium-effect.

Dirty lenses, slight leakage and foil scrapes give your projects lifelike detail. Featuring gorgeous logos, dance graphic designs and stylised flare rockets, this is the ideal way to create your own unique style. Featuring matt finish glazing, slight leakage and a quiet feeling, this door strike is ideal for any design that requires a soft tap.

In addition, some of these free templates need Trapcode Particular (from Red Giant) or other plug-ins to work properly. Ghost: "This one is for your special theme movies. It' s really simple to use and all we have to do is add your video/image.

For those interested in purchasing the full versions of this video please visit VideoHive. Disc Case: "This is just a disc case in which you can create your own art work that rotates in a ribbon so you can present your disc products. For those interested in purchasing the full versions of this video please visit VideoHive.

"Bring your movies to life with this free Helvetica New Animation typeface style for After Effects! and more! "Use this free After Effects artwork to recreate a retro-realistically contorted look for your favorite music. "Bias kit: "Fully equipped dilution effect set that is easy to use and has adjustable adjustments. Rotate the sound on your next movie projekt!

" Page: "TYPE-O-MATIC is an After Effects CS5 style cartoon created by Hamo Studio for artists, animators and motion graphers. There are three different ways to create a simple, fast and adaptable animated typing experience. "Hiro: "Unleash the animal and bring it to its ultimate shape with this animated After Effects emblem.

"Once the cameras move through the tracks, you can insert your own introduction text and you have a beautiful introduction for your video or shortfilmoom. "Messenger: "We've made it simpler than ever to show your video clips in text and chats! The Messenger is a free After Effects artwork containing five distinct virtual fashions.

Customise the look to your design. "The next tidy up the next watch, you' ll be saving some valuable countdown with Countdown, a free After Effects artwork. "Use this free After Effects artwork to customize split-layer styling ideas. "Those edit resources are great for videographers working on Christmas work.

" Short sketch introduction: "It' so awesome to include your own sketches and have them animated in After Effects. "It'?s a draft ball: "It' this is a cage: you can adjust what you see on the back with a picture or movie. Full featured baseball NBA template on VideoHive.

" Introductory short film. Buy the 40-second VideoHive now. "Beautiful introductory play for adoration video. Adjustment is only a small task when you adjust the settings to the particulate system and retract and extend the cam. It' s a easy job, but it offers a really beautiful effect for an old film projection effect.

Fitting is just a breeze by inserting your own material into the composites named'Insert footage HERE'. Easy enough, isn't it? "This is a beautiful sample in the look of a DVDs menus for the Introductory Track/Open Menus section. It is better suited for future oriented movies. "when you make a string videotape of someone going to prison.

" This is a perfect CD case for those who are fighting with artists who want to be seen and listened to and who want to give their products a professionally look. All you have to do in this projekt is take your CD covers and simply add them to this projekt and go booming, your good feeling.

For those interested in purchasing the full versions of this product, please visit VideoHive. Use this free After Effects artwork to create your next projects with a variety of automotives HUDs, symbols, and sounds. "vishimorphic40: this after effect replicating the look and feeling of the anamorphic processes.

"These 16 free After Effects enhancements are built to help content creators make their favorite and entertaining movies, and are a neat and entertaining way to bring a dull and tedious movie experience to life. After Effects offers 16 free enhancements. "Do you have a strong wish to fire up your next After Effects projects? "Adobe After Effects template with fitting and motion control.

"Adobe After Effects 4k slide show artwork templates with Parallax motion effect. "Animation test tube symbol: "Free animation test tubes symbol for Adobe After Effects. Come back soon! "It is a very basic and straightforward general purpose videotitle that anyone can use as an introduction to their work. Projects files were generated in Adobe After Effects CS6 and are generated with natural plug-ins only.

It' only 310kb in area. "The title of the blood plate: "Creating creepy and horrific tracks for your ghostly movie. You can use this pattern with different After Effects releases. "It' s a little of the same kind as the last one, but a different kind of look. "2D earthquake cartoon.

"I' m doing a little bit of'trendy 2D' terrestrial entertainment from a current I' m working on. It can be used for various things, e.g. as a backdrop for your title or as part of a longer 2-D motion game. "Trendiges 2-D Animations package. Everything in After Effects with the integrated Forms. Because they are After Effects forms, they are very simple to customize.

Changing the colour and duration of the effects and/or combining them to make something really fun and original. "Â "Â" Starters 1. 0: Â" a free After Effects artwork that you can simply dowload and use to build Logo Reveal Slide for your trademark, company, YouTube channels etc. Shape Layers are used as the basis for the entire pattern and the colours of the motion graphics are controlled by expressive control.

This means that you can effortlessly modify the color using the Effect pane instead of going deeply into the shape layer characteristics. "Kick-off 2. 0: "Although it may sound like an update of the old logos, this new and free After Effects artwork is totally different. "Advertising and business video templates.

"You can use this templating to make stunning video for your trademark, company, product launch or events promotions. "For saving some effort and saving your precious amount of money, please feel free to browse and get this free After Effects projects files. Within this projekt I did all levels and special effect that convert together a text level from 2-D into 3-D.

"Heathwave is our new free After Effects artwork that lets you make your own Introductory Title for your work. "The contamination after-effect bill is easily understandable, easily modifiable and well organized. Contamination will require pictures and videos included in the original pack. Your projects are well organized and easily understood.

The text can be changed by modifying the text level according to your text name. It is also possible to adjust the orientation of the strip levels to alter the appearance of the tracks according to your tastes. "The Cube: "Create sci-fi tracks for your projects. "In this four-part tutorial, Andre Navarre guides you through the entire After Effects creation lifecycle, including the creation of an After Effects organised artwork that can be adapted by anyone.

You' ll see how to create a style sheet from the ground up using wildcards, create button sets with user-defined preferences, and deploy your own personal style guide. These 4-part videos lead you through the..... These 4-part videos lead you through the..... These 4-part videos lead you through the.....

These 4-part episodes lead you through the..... We' ve created a full set of guidelines to help you get to grips with how to manipulate your footage, whether you're just starting out with the fundamentals or want to get to grips with how to manipulate and post-produce it.

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