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WordPress theme is a collection of WordPress templates consisting of WordPress template tags. Here you may find the URL of the topic or the URL of the theme author that leads you to the topic used by the website. Showing template files in a WordPress topic WordPress themes are a set of WordPress template documents consisting of WordPress template tag. The WordPress topic is the group of documents that make up the topic. WordPress templating applies only to one of the templating file types that contains WordPress templating tag.

Wordprocess word-press templating tag make all templating work together as one topic.

This is a brief summary of the WordPress themes and where to find them, both on your WordPress Dashboard and on your WordPress servers. Connect to your web site via FTP and view the WordPress themes available on your web site in the /wp-content/themes directory. If you open this directory, you will find the /twentythirteen theme directory.

When uploading a design to a directory other than /wp-content/themes, it will not work. 2 Open the Twenty Thirteen topic directory (/wp-content/themes/twentythirteen) and view the Twenty Thirteen topic file it contains. If you open the Twenty Thirteen topic directory, you will see multiple Twenty Thirteen topic file folders. You will find at least these five examples in each topic:

The most important WordPress sample file are these documents. Have a look at these documents and the various features they contain. The file names are the same in every WordPress topic. 3 In your WordPress Dashboard, select Appearance?Editor to view the preset file within a topic. You will see the Edit Topics page listing the various available themes within the current topic.

There is a text field in the middle of the window that shows the content of each document, and you can also use this field to modify the document file(s). 4 To view and modify a preset filename, click the preset name in the drop-down menu on the right side of the page. You can also see the templates tag within the templates filename on the Modify Topics page.

Those tag will make all the magics in your website occur; they link all the themes to one other. Under the text field on the Edit Topics page, there is a Documentation drop-down listing for each of the files you are editing, except style.css. When you click the right side arrows of the menus, a listing of all templating tag types used in the currently displayed templated document appears.

It''s useful when you're editing your WordPress themes, and gives you an idea of the different preset tag types that are used to add functionality and feature within your WordPress themes. Sample filenames do not work alone; for the design to work, the filenames need each other. In order to merge these filenames into one working unit, use templating tag to drag the information from each templating - header, sidebar, and footer - into the main index.

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