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Themed restaurant with mediocre meal - Review of Village, The Soul of India, Vadodara, India I was there with the whole familiy for the boundless meal and the country atmosphere. Of course, the meal was nothing to be written home about, and the servings and tablespoons were shabby to say the least. At best, the amusement (puppet theatre / Rajasthani horseman dance) was mediocre. After arranging a meeting at The Village, I am happy that we followed our colleague's advice to organise the same at this restaurant.

They have a great idea where you can dine, go outside and come back within 3 hrs. Wow, that's great considering you can go out for some munchies, go shopping at the shopping center and come back for more of that! I have never even seen a restaurant that offers such a program.

The atmosphere was wonderful with the small cabins with singular motifs for small groups and decoration around our own beloved Bollywood. But the only disadvantage was the flavour of the dishes - while they served a vast selection of dishes, I was very pleased with their flavour.

Definitely a one-time definitive stop for everyone to immerse themselves in another dining adventure. This restaurant's leadership is responsible for this singular approach. Although smaller than the Village Restaurant of Mumbai, this place in Indore truly does offer a variety of activity and a very fine selection of cuisine.

Although Indore is a place where Nakhrali Dhani and Chaukhi Dhani are distributed over a large area, this place is in the centre of the town and is an indoors / roofed area, offering great recreation opportunities in the wet seasons / solar seasons and for those who do not wish to go to the suburbs.

It' a place where you would like to spend half a time with your loved ones and some unforgettable moments. Many interesting events for the visitors are organized in the evenings, among them chairs races, marionette games etc., which will make your excursion unforgettable.

Visiting the restaurant in Indore is a must. Seriously, I mean, you can see guys standing at the so-called stands where they are, crowding for dinner. Choats in Village are great fun...crispy, tasty and sharp as anticipated and the Tahi bath was great. If you want to see the much discussed atmosphere of this place, you have to come to this place with a large group.

In fact a beautiful place, as he had attended and fully relished a feast of the families here. Often they perform "dhols" and also create a beautiful ambience so that the locals get to know the true traditions of the village. So if a loved one wants to gamble some kind of home games, they'll provide you with everything you need and make your stay an unforgettable experience.......

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