Vintage Wedding Theme

Wedding Vintage Theme

A vintage wedding never goes out of style! This vintage wedding ideas work for every ambience and every budget! They can also be integrated into your wedding invitation design to keep the theme going. Inspirations for a vintage style wedding. Vintage chic weddings offer a beautiful blend of old and new.

Fifty ideas for a vintage-inspired wedding

What is old is new again with a wedding that catches the twenties' sparkle, the 50s' rock'n'roll energies, or the 70s' generous mood. Long sleeve dresses and corollas are beautiful setbacks that still look just as beautiful today. Vintage and glamorous dresses are a must have for any wedding bride.

There'?s nothing you can do with classical rose and peony you can't do right. Vintage green cascades for a vintage viola. Accent a bunch of cloth flowers with perls and ancient pins. Embellish your ceremonial room with vintage lamps encircled by hortensia and rose. You can use old-fashioned litter bins and classical columns to keep huge hydrangea and rose sets.

Close your wedding with an old Vespa. Fasten each of your cards to an ancient frieze decorated keys. Put a pile of leather-bound jackets on each desk, complemented by a frame quotation from one of the classical literature selections. Put your flower in ancient golden cups. Turn the Mason glass into a one-of-a-kind candlestick.

Small flower arrangments are even more attractive when combined with vintage glass, vintage pearls and tablecloths. Ancient porcelain looks even more stylish when placed on golden battery packs. Browse your nearest second-hand shops for mix-and-match porcelain that you can use as a pie plate. The vintage encounters the modern:

It' s the perfect way to see the difference between the iPhone on this desk and the conventional cameras (with film!). Do you have an open-air wedding? Put old wedding pictures on a Christmas-tree to create a real "family tree". You can use vintage running tables as individual flags for your favourite dining tables. Clip small groups of florals to old frame for a singular turn.

D├ęcor your front door with a pile of vintage cases. Old birds cabins in different height lend a retreat aesthetics to the work. Take the house outside by floating vintage lamps above your desks. Hit up your real estates locally for sale ancient pieces of jewelry that you can reuse; use a chest of drawers or a writing table to present your deserts and courtesies at an open-air wedding.

Cloth rose decorated with jewellery and tea-dyed papers contribute to the vintage vibes of this classical pie. Long sleeve dresses and corollas are beautiful setbacks that still look just as beautiful today.

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