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Wordpress Vintage Theme

Using the classic WordPress themes, they can adopt design features from Rome and Greece to Victorian times. #30+ Best Vintage WordPress Themes 2018 We have combined our most beloved vintage WordPress topics with an old-fashioned vintage look andfeel. Every one is beautiful vintage, but also full of high performance functions and functions. The vintage style is more loved than ever. She goes back to a classical, old-fashioned pictorial aesthetic, but nevertheless introduces clear, contemporary line and texture.

So what should you look for in our line-up of vintage-inspired WordPress topics?

In the first place, we have only selected topics that contain all the features you would want from a contemporary design. All you need is covered - slider controls, multi-template controls, simple import of demos, folder and galleries layout, drag-and-drop page creator, and more. However, if you take a close look, you will see the vintage style's leitmotif.

Old photographs, old-fashioned ornaments, classy serial fonts and a dose of libertarian contemporaryism. We have selected topics that are not "full vintage" - they are not so far in this fashion that they are not useful for a pro website. However, they go through the vintage styling and use it to create a look and look you'll never forget!

There is also a reservation sheet for table reservation.

A WordPress theme, Springbook is a WordPress theme that lets you create a face-to-face blogs, photo blogs, and itineraries. This theme has a contemporary backstage look with a full-screen mail slide, an intuitive navigational toolbar and a widget-bar. It is fully WPBakery Page Builders compliant, so you can adapt the page layout as you wish.

North is a minimalistic WordPress theme with a classical outline. This theme is perfect for a basic blogs or portfolios website to present your best work. There are also 6 different page layout, 4 different product line styles and 2 different page variants. It is also possible to use the Visual Composer Page Builder to customize and customize the theme.

The Fourche is a vintage WordPress theme designed specifically for cafes and restaurants. There is a classy styling with an interactive slide control on the homepage, an area for presenting presented meals, an event page and a reservation page for table reservation. There are also Google fonts and 50 different broadget locations.

With Oliver, a WordPress theme -based author with minimalism, you can create a web site with a blogs. Your topic homepage serves as a target page on which you can present yourself and your work. And the design also has a clear line mail lay-out that puts the emphasis more on your contents.

Hairdressing is a one-page WordPress theme that allows you to create a hairdressing parlour, a hairdressing parlour or a website for a health and beauty parlour. It has a classic backward look with a permanent side bar for easy navigation on the website. Create your own drag-and-drop foods or enjoy a WordPress theme. Designed to make sure that your print store or print store is able to create sleek web sites with very little fuss, Ancora is a great place to start.

No matter whether you are building a website for a parlour or the on-line portfolios of a free-lance artiste, Ancora is definitely going to be there for you. Thanks to its choice of classy layout contents, even ink-blogs could make good use of this classic WordPress theme. The PressView has a vintage look and feel that combines with advanced functions.

From the choice of fonts to the choice of colours and symbols, everything gives your website the classic look and feel you' re looking for. The PressView also contains a number of layout options for all the areas your website probably needs to ensure that you can begin to create the right look for your website.

The Silverscreen is a classic WordPress theme for films, directors, producers and anyone else working in the field. Choosing from different homepage themes will help you get your website up and running quickly, while the various premier plug-ins make it simple to give your website some additional functionality. No matter whether you are developing a feature or your abilities, this classic WordPress theme is more than just up to the job.

At Mendel we focus on assisting you to build an on-line shop to help you buy vintage pieces of jewelry and other similar goods. As an alternative, you can use this theme just as simply to encourage vintage-related activities such as conservation and furnishing designs. Both home page layout provide a fast way to quickly modify the look of your website, while the drag-and-drop builders are available for those who want more creative freedom.

Lifestyle is a contemporary theme with a vintage and vintage look. Developed for the creation of classy blog and on-line portfolio, The Lifestyle is the perfect fit for everyone from hobbyists to professionals. Due to the customisation possibilities, with this classical WordPress theme you can slightly reduce or raise the vintage aspect of your website.

80s Mod is a all-new design designed to help you create a vintage-style e-commerce storefront with WordPress. In order to help you find the right look for your web site, this classic WordPress theme has six homepage themes to select from. But even if you're not building an on-line storefront, the 80's mod theme could still be a good option to give your blogs a vintage look thanks to its variety of blogs posting styles and outlines.

Described as a vintage-inspired WordPress theme, it' s perfect for a variety of work. Once you've viewed the demonstration, it's clear to see that it's a classic WordPress theme that's good for a blog, corporate website, or on-line portfolios. The Pure Retro Portfolios aim to help you build a website where you can present your best work on-line.

This theme is really very contemporary in terms of styling, so if that's the kind of styling you're looking for, Pure Retro Portfolio could be just right for your particular application. Absolutely Pure Retail Portfolio is not crammed with feature for the love of it all, which makes it one of the simplest Vintage WordPress themed sites to deal with.

Berger is a vintage WordPress theme developed for hairdressing and Tattoo parlour-sites. So if you want to build a website that helps attract more of your clientele to your showroom, the vintage WordPress theme from Berger could be a good one. Our shop helps you to give your shop a vintage look and feeling.

Featuring a choice of demonstrations, as well as Visual Composer and Slider Revolution that come with the Theme Pack, you can still make a custom website even though you're using an off-the-shelf WordPress design. Lifegate is designed to help you make a vintage-style Blog.

If you set up your own blogs, you have a good choice of homepage themes to chose from. You can also adjust almost any part of your WordPress website using the Topic Option Dashboard controls. There is also a page build tools for even more creativity in it. Vaudeville and vintage hairdressers are in fashion right now and if you want to make a website for your hairdresser's, The Shave The Shave Theme has everything you need.

Shaving allows you to build a website that shows your abilities, your hairdresser and even your on-line reservations. Shave is a contemporary hairdressing theme with a vintage effect. The Ephemera is primarily an e-commerce WordPress theme. It is the ideal option for designing a vintage on-line store.

But if you like the look of this vintage theme and want to use it for a normal website or blogs, you shouldn't have any problems with it. With all the major page styles contained in this theme, Ephemera is a rich addition to this compilation of the best vintage WordPress topics.

The Wristy is one of the best vintage WordPress topics. Its clear and pale appearance will have contributed greatly to its triumph. Also the fact that this vintage theme can be used to build a broad palette of web pages, from mode blog's and web site portfolios to travel reports and on-line shops, is helping to make it a favorite option.

The TrendBlog has the flawless look to help you build a vintage-style WordPress website for your favorite blogs. TrendBlog offers a good range of customisation choices and preferences if you want to give this theme your own personal note of creativity. The Cabin is a gorgeous vintage inspiring styling, with a pro -grade slide control with parallel axis, image/video sliders, limitless user-defined animation and full frame option.

Easily build your own page layouts from the ground up with the drag-and-drop page creator! The Golden is a wonderfully stylish, optically breathtaking and multifunctional vintage-inspired WordPress theme. It' s full of nice type face, minimum but stylish vintage style, delicate CSS3 effect and the little detail that really sets it apart from the world.

The Read & Digest collection contains everything you need for a professionally styled on-line publishing experience. One-sided, classic design, fully reactive and equipped with many customization possibilities. It comes with a beautiful standard styling, a fast reacting slide control, Google Font Integrator, a folder galleries and many symbols to use.

The theme blends a vintage look with a contemporary web design to present your company and your product range. It' ideal for agents and creatives, photo professionals, blogs and more. This can give your website the backward look you've always been looking for! WorldPress 4.4. 1 Kompatibel. is a WordPress product range that has been created with the finest craftsmanship to satisfy the needs of a creativity company or similar.....

North Gentleman is a vintage WordPress theme portfolios. Select from literally thousands of Google typefaces, build a high-performance slide bar, and setup a beautiful raster to view your vintage-style portfolios! The Wild Book is a classic, stylish and imaginative WordPress theme. It focuses on contents - perfectly suited for a face-to-face blogs or a portfolios.

The Ronneby is a wonderful vintage-inspired theme. A clear and concise typeface, classy styling and high performance functions give the theme a competitive edge. The Monaco is a lightweight and luminous multi-purpose WordPress theme, crammed with fashionable styling and sophistication. Monaco is slightly vintage orientated and has a particularly user-friendly touch. This theme offers you 17 nice homepage-layout, which are suited for different uses to give you a clear start.

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