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Still dreaming about your own virtual girlfriend? Grab it now for free and forget about your real girlfriend! Zoom In/Gatebox's out-of-the-box girlfriend Persona.

Top 10 virtual girlfriend apps: Play free simulator games for girlfriends

Looking back a few years in time, communicating with virtual friends was restricted to movies and videos. Thus, the creators of portable applications create any applications you find in desktops, including virtual communications applications built on AI. We show you the best datesimulation applications in this section.

Virtual Girlfriend is one of the best virtual girlfriend applications for adults, for having a good time and flirting with friends. It works like a date application, you just have to specify the properties you like in a girls and pick your girlfriend in the application. Choosing your date, you go flirting and loving your way to your virtual girlfriend until she loves you like crazy.

And you can also select the look of your girlfriend. Changing your look, colour, hair, face, clothing and other features. It also allows you to give your girlfriend your name. Grab the free application for my virtual girlfriend. As soon as you have made your selection, it is prepared to communicate with your virtual friend.

There are many levels in this girlfriend simulation and you can speak to your virtual maid at any of the levels you have been through. If you do the right things and it is yours forever, but if you make the wrong moves, your VR gal will show you the way out where you can stay alone until you don't choose a new one.

Third on our lists is My Virtual Girl Management application, actually an Anime Girlfriend application, which allows you to make your own virtual girlfriend, just like other applications in the lists, this one is easy to use, you can modify your virtual girlfriend's eye colour, coat, hair, wallpaper and clothing. You' ll have to take good care of your fake girlfriend and cover her need for nourishment and sleeping.

It also allows you to use your friend from your manager as a background image, you can also record the screens. An additional 3-D girlfriend application allows you to make your virtual girlfriend or your virtual pets. Go get that unseen girlfriend for free. As well as having your own virtual girlfriend, another Amin Girlfriend Creation application allows you to customise her look by adjusting her styling, colour and outfit.

There are 17 different keys in the keyboard to carry out different operations. Whatever kind of girls you want the application will do for you, you can even make a Superstar who dates them. When you take good care of your virtual girlfriend, she will fallen in Love with you, she is your little lady very cawaii.

Any of our virtual girlfriend applications to have a girlfriend, you can do whatever you want with her. Next on our roster is Virtual Girlfriend Momoda - here you can select your virtual girlfriend and chat with her. So you can do just about anything with your girlfriend, like talking to her, making fun of her, dancing with her, touching her, playing with her or anything you do with your girlfriend.

Just like our virtual girlfriend applications above, this virtual girlfriend application also allows you to modify the look of your VR girlfriend, you can switch her clothing, your fur, eyeglasses, shoes, trousers, caps and more. It' really interesting so you can see your girlfriend in full 3D stereoscopy. They can help you become your first virtual girlfriend and escort you through your solitary nights.

If you want to have your virtual girlfriend in 3-D mode, I really recommend that you use the application. The next thing we have is Virtual Lover - a Virtual Model Simulator application that allows you to have a virtual girlfriend who fulfills your desires. You can find your woman of your dreams who speaks to you, loves you and is clear to you with the help of this application.

Featuring the function of the application is really interesting, the girls in the application comes with a great sense of humour and excellent features. Girlfriend virtual application is actually a chats application, you can talk to the girls in the application, make her your girlfriend and she will never make you alone.

It can speak you in English, it will like you and do everything you say to it, answers your question. Here in the application you can modify the wallpaper, there are many different wallpaper choices. Girlfriend is really easy and interesting to use, helps you to do what you want from a girlfriend in everyday use.

Grab another VR Girlfriend date simulation. Girlfriend Fantasy - allows you to make your own completely individual girlfriend. Adapt her face, her hair, her size and more, the application will help you to make your virtual girlfriend your only dreaming about. Contains a vast selection of fashionable clothing to make your girls more fashionable.

They can even select clothing according to seasons. One of the virtual girlfriend applications. There are many ways to behave with your little one, you can speak, learn, act and work with him. Yes! This is one of over 18 virtual girlfriend applications. You' re a football fan and then stream the FIFA World Cup World Cup applications here for you.

VGAR Virtual Girlfriend is a pretty easy virtual girlfriend application that lets you fell in love with a virtual girlfriend, you just have to select what you like from the drop -down menu in the application, or you can make your own individual one. Best of all, you can take snapshots of your girls and easily upload and upload your pictures to your iPhone.

Enjoy your fake girls, take good care of them and dancing with them. Joke Virtual Girlfriend is actually a sex application, if you are free and want to get tired, if you want to speak to a little gal, then this application will help you. Addons The application allows you to communicate with a girls. </ i>.

This is one of the best virtual girlfriend applications. All you have to do is select the one you like, select the ones in the application and chat with your virtual girlfriend. When you' re a timid man, don't be afraid to speak to chicks, it can help you. We are now continuing to research more virtual girlfriend applications.

Jullie is a virtual girlfriend you can meet and meet. There are a number of issues you can discuss with her. It has a nice vocal and looks nice, it can sense and execute various acts, feelings like loving, angry or disliking and are acts, kissing, eating, sleeping, dreaming and more. One of the best Girlfriend sims.

Naughty Girlfriend is the next application in our best virtual girlfriend application line-up, slightly different from other applications in the line-up, the application not only allows you to have a girlfriend and talk to her, but also dancing with your little one. As with other applications, the clothing line includes clothing that you can customize for your girls.

Virtual gf responds to your contact, you can make it lucky, unhappy and furious with your being. Can' even believe you're speaking to a virtual girlfriend, she seems like a true friend. Well, have a good time with your virtual girlfriend. Up here we talked about the best virtual girlfriend applications, helping you to have a nice girlfriend to your liking.

So if you want to have a girlfriend simulation, one of these applications will help you have a good girlfriend who is available to you anywhere, at any time. Hopefully you like these AI girlfriends, please add your comments below to help us sharing your thoughts.

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