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Wordpress Vision Theme

The WordPress Theme Forum provides support. The Vision is a clear, grid-based photo theme with a flat, minimalist design. visualization The topic has not been updated in over 2 years. It' designed using first response designs to ensure that your blogs are no less attractive when seen on a smart phone or tray. It also features Widget (a side bar and three foot columns), Vision also support theme customizers, top responsive sliders, customized menus, customized backgrounds, allows flexibility in configuring and much more.

Imagination - Multipurpose WordPress Transaction Theme from Themple

A fast-reacting WordPress theme (try changing the size of your browser), Vision is suitable for corporate Web sites and those who want to present their work on a streamlined Web site suite. This theme was created with the KODDE Framework 2 with many new features and the Page Builder 2 with simple plug & play and scalable block.

Dragging and dropping and resizing the Page Builder. See the Page Designer page. This is a great page creator that is very simple to use and work with. You can only generate complicated layout using Dragging & Dropping. Contains also xml-files and Page Builders tummy information. Each of our topics have some . contained in xml file that you can use to insert your own dates, this way it is very simple for you to set up and work.

In all our topics you will find more than 10 Custom Widgets that you can use. Contacts - Build and maintain contacts and validation panels. Modified files: Modified files: Modified files: Modified files: Please note: The pictures are not contained in the data set.

Imagination - Clean portfolio WordPress theme created by Dart-Simple

Explore Vision, a beautifully minimalist, versatile WordPress theme created to put your rich graphics in the limelight. In-depth research has prompted our vision development group to develop Vision as a theme solely focused on the needs of creatives, restaurateurs, photographers and other companies and groups whose Web sites contain compelling photo material.

With more than 90 appealing layout options, Vision gives you the creativity to customise your website to your needs. View Vision CS for a complete redesign of the website. Uncommon blend of slim designs with subway features has resulted in a stylish but minimalist look that allows the visitor to view their work without distraction.

It' s very adaptable and gives you the flexibility to use it for any kind of commercial need, from basic calling card to e-commerce solution where you can optimize the way you market your work to your esteemed clients with just a few single mouse clicks. Your website can be used for any kind of marketing or sales. Build a visual website with Vision Photography, a traditional theme for professionals!

With the activation of the on-line Shops you can put on your own inventory of photos and your works on your Website for sale. The Vision Food, an elegantly simple and luxuriously designed theme, is perfect for a restaurant or café. The minimalist styling shows your exquisite menus in a beautiful way, while the function of the on-line store makes ordering and delivering to your clients fast and uncomplicated.

The Vision Food is a breath of elegant style aimed at restaurateurs who want to take charge of their brands and their presentations. In addition, your new look features a fully functioning shop front that is specifically designed to meet the needs of your company. Present your digitally created works or concrete product in an easy-to-use e-commerce application that fits perfectly into Vision's slim styling approach.

We' ve developed Vision to look great in all major browser platforms, such as IE8+, FireFox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. The Vision theme includes 30 web pages and more than 90 one-of-a-kind items, complete with functional areas built into shortcuts, slides, videos and paragraphs, characters, lists, footer, headings, menu items, button icons, type, and much more - everything you need to create a good-looking, truly stunning site for your work.

The VC is free of cost in your topic. Remember that pictures are not part of the design, but will be substituted by other wildcards to preserve the look and feel of the artwork.

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