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Our renowned printer can also help you with your website. Dashboard Website (V4) Can I find my dashboard to use on my website? If this is your first time signing in to and you want to keep your site up to date or take on other page administration responsibilities, move your mouse over My Account in the top right corner and choose My Marketing. You will then be taken directly to your own personalised dashboard, where all your product information is displayed on the right.

To go to your Web site and edit your Web site, click Site to go to your Web site and click Edit Web Site to proceed with work on your Web site. Once you are in Website Builder, you can easily get back to your personal screen by clicking on the Vistaprint icon in the top-right corner. You can use the site administration task on the desktop to set up your site and monitor site activities.

On of the first things you will realize when you post your website is your temp domain. Your website is a website with a name. This can be changed by selecting Set Up Domains in your dashboard. To create your own user-defined domains, click Reserve New Domains. does not contain a user-defined domainname. In the Reserve Domains page, type a domainname and select your top-level domainname (.com,.net, etc.) from the drop-down list.

When your name is Easy Buttons, you would type Easy Buttons without the spaces. When youromainname is not available, you will receive alternative or you can rescan. To modify your subtitle (which will appear before, click Modify base one. As soon as you have modified your base domaine, it may be necessary to go back to the Builder and click Publish to go with your new domaine first.

REMARK: Site activities reporting is available as part of the site's standard or premium packages. To see your latest and updated or downgraded maps, click maps. In order to update or remove your website pack, go to Dashboard > Maps. To update your schedule, click the green Update icon. "Successful schedule change" is displayed at the top of your schedule page.

Click the Decrease icon to lower your schedule. They will be asked to acknowledge your demotion.

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