Visual Builder

The Visual Builder

First steps with the Divi Builder. The best way to use Divi is in visual mode, so you can create your page on the front end of your website. The Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) is a self-service online tool that helps you plan your course schedule.

The Visual schedule builder Registrator

You are in the Select Courses area by default. You can select the required period by using the selection pushbuttons at the top right of the page if several registration deadlines are currently open (e.g. for summer and autumn/winter). To open a campus listing, click the Select... next to Campus button.

Click the check boxes one at a time to expand or collapse specific options, click Choose All to expand or collapse all available Campus choices, or click None to collapse all available Campus choices. TIP: The quickest way to choose a particular site is to click Choose None and then click the site you want.

You do not participate in VSB training sessions. If you find a timetable you like, register for a course using the registration module and the course catalog numbers issued by the CDB. In order to delete a course from the required course lists, click on the "X" at the top right of the colour coded course boxes.

In order to deselect a course from the program creation without completely deleting it from the listing, click the checkmark next to the course number in the top right of the colored square for that course.

This is how you use Divi Visual Builder to create your website

It is a utility that allows you to make changes to your website without having to type it. To activate the Visual Builder Divi: Changing text with the Visual Builder is as easy as click and type. Almost any text item can be edited by simply click on it.

In order to store your changes, click on the violet symbol at the bottom of the page and click on Store in the lower right area. In order to substitute an picture, first move the cursor over it. If you click on the gear symbol. A new window opens with options for this particular item.

If you are satisfied with your changes, click the check mark and then click Saving. For each Divi item, you can select the option by moving the mouse over it and click the gear symbol in the gray drop-down list. Keep in mind, if you are looking for more choices, always look for the gear symbol! There are three main features in Divi that make up most pages.

Segments, series and modules. Section contains lines, and lines contain modules. The segments are colored blu (sometimes lilac or red), the lines are colored grey and the modules are colored grey. In order to add a new section, move the mouse over an already created section and click on the plus-symbol. Each section also has its own choices that you can control by moving the mouse over it and click the gear symbol.

In your new section you can now add a new line by click on the plus-symbol. Lines are something quite unique because they can be adjusted to contain a certain number of column numbers. Lines also have their own option behind the gear symbol in the left hand side main window (you guess it).

Among these are: user-defined channel width, distance and various backgrounds. In fact, you can customize each single color within a line by selecting the Design page. Many ready-made moduls are available, among them texts, pictures, contacts and cards. In order to summarize it again, you can modify most of the items by moving the mouse over them and click on the gear symbol.

Even move any item by dragging and dropping it! In order to remove an item, move the mouse over it and click on the recycle bin symbol. In order to copy an item, move the mouse over it and click on the symbol Double. For more information about the Divi Visual Builder, click here.

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