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is one of the most established site creators on the market. Visually Composer The Visual Composer provides a strong application programming interface (API) that allows third parties to deploy their own add-ons and distribute them as standalone plug-ins on CodeCanyon. With the most complete set of add-ons available from any plugin available on CodeCanyon, VC underscores the capabilities of this great Drag & Drop Page Builder plugin.

More than 20 add-ons are now available for Visual Composer, making it one of the most efficient and customizable WordPress plug-ins.

This is Visual Composer: Instructions for creating Drag & Drop pages using Drag & Drop

WorldPress is great, and the ability to customise your WordPress run website is just the cherry on the cake. Damn, some WordPress enthusiasts know nothing about HTML or CSS. What's that? However, this should not prevent you from customizing your WordPress topic. Dragging & dropping page creators are widely used as plug-ins and are integrated into many favorite topics.

It allows the user of all layers to change the general appearance of a topic and easily add additional ornaments (symbols, skills bar, price table, etc.). We would like to present you our new favourite page WordPress plug-in - the Visual Composer.

You can get Visual Composer For Free! and it contains some great enhancements for the plug-in to use with the topic. The Visual Composer is a great plug-in created by WP Bakery that will add a page generator to your WordPress theming. We' ve included it in our Total Multipurpose WordPress themes, but you can also see it in almost every new topseller on Themeforest.

It' a plug-in, so just plug it in and enable it to take full use of all its great functions. Visual Composer, once enabled, gives you complete freedom to design your pages. Simply insert a new page and you'll see new icons that let you switch between classical modeling modes and builders, as well as a shortcut to the frontend editors.

Now you can create lines, column, buttons, text, pictures, and more with all the Visual Composer features. Side components are contained in the builder. They can be used as literary bricks for your page. Plenty of choices are available for text fields, headers, community share, pictures and art Galleries, switches or tabbed items, chords, current postings (which also work with your theme's customized posting styles in addtion to your blogs ), button and even widget additions in the side bar.

You will see more or fewer page items based on the WordPress topic and plug-ins you use with Visual Composer. This example is from our topic Drag & Drop WordPress, so there are 30 extra page builders that we designed especially for you.

In the following you will find an example for the "Options" for our Icon Text Editor in the topic Complete. Builders also support four fantastic third-party plugins: When you install one of these plug-ins, a page item for the topic is displayed as well. Visual Composer will display a drop-down menu of the sliders/shapes you have designed when you paste a page item for one of these plug-ins, or will display an input field where you can enter your slide ID.

Copy and paste of short codes no longer necessary! If you use your design templates, your page will be filled with your page layouts and the items you save. Again, the available reformatting choices may vary based on the topic you are using with Visual Composer. Whilst some themes designers keep the Visual Composer as it is, many adapt the plug-in to the needs or styles of their design.

Visual Composer now has a front-end editing tool that makes it simpler than ever to start creating your own pages and layout. Be sure to review a theme's function listing or directly consult the theme's creator to see if the Visual Composer front-end Editor is compliant with your WordPress topic.

Because our WordPress topic is 100% front-end design friendly, if your design is not currently friendly, you should consider an upgrade to our design. Last but not least, I would like to discuss the extensibility of Visual Composer. As you are an experienced code or themes designer, you can include your own shortcuts in the plug-in.

Indeed, in our own Symple Shortcodes we have added the premium to provide Totals customers with added page builders. Unless you are a programmer, check out CodeCanyon and perform a fast scan for the Visual Composer add-on. Many great premier plug-ins are available that provide Visual Composer with added functionality and even some good free plug-ins like our Symple Shortcodes plug-in.

Time and again I refer to Visual Composer as the page creator, but it also works well with postings and user-defined mailotypes. Browse to Preferences > Visual Composer. This plug-in displays the different kinds of contents contained in your WordPress topic for you. Simply choose the one you want to use with the Visual Composer Page Builder.

This example is taken from our overall topic, so there are additional features for portfolios, employees and endorsements (all user-defined mail types) as well as forum, topic, responses and product (related to Total's support for wooCommerce and press plugins). It is also possible to assign any short code plug-ins to Visual Composer that you have already on your WordPress page.

Click the My Short Codes tabs at the top of the preferences page, and then click the Map Shortcode buttons. It should include your third-party shortcuts in your composer items. As I said, we really like Visual Composer so much that we've integrated it into our best-selling Total WordPress themes (included free with your purchase).

Take a look at the different pages on one of our Life Demo's for the Completeme. The majority of the pages you will see in our online demonstrations are made with Visual Composer! So if you already own the plug-in and are looking for instructions on how to use it, take a look at our complete Visual Composer User Manual, which will take you step-by-step and show you how to use the plug-in.

CodeCanyon Visual Composer is available on CodeCanyon if you want to purchase it yourself. It' also been fully incorporated into our WordPress Topic Complete feature (along with two other WordPress Topic plug-ins for a combined value of $67 - that's more than what you are paying for the theme!). Well, let's know what you think of the plug-in below.

We are really excited about Visual Composer, and we would appreciate if you would give us your opinion!

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