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But there are also many excellent alternatives that are worth considering. Favorite alternatives to Visual Composer for Self-Hostted, Wordpress, Windows, GitHub, Web, and more. FREE-OF-CHARGE ALTERNATIVE TO VISUAL COMPOSITION PLUGINS.

Award-winning 5 Visual Composer alternatives in 2018 (2 free plugins)

This article will present some of the best Visual Composer alternative solutions. Visual Composer is one of the oldest and most famous page creators for WordPress. It' been the best page maker for years. Unfortunately, some new plug-ins have been able to outperform Visual Composer when it comes to real World Wide Web experiences and simplicity.

These are some of the most important disadvantages of Visual Composer: Expanded $170 licence, which allows you to use the plug-in on one page only. It is not possible to make your own items or template for later use. No matter what the cause, here are some of the choices for Visual Composer, this review will help you.

Actually, this is the plug-in I use on this site, and will never modify it for at least the next few years. These are some of the areas where Thrive Architect stands out from Visual Composer: The Thrive Architect includes several hundred page landings created by the Thrive staff who are at the forefront of optimizing page rates.

Throive Architect is the quickest way to create a page because it does not require updating or adding extra moduls to modify the items. Thrive Architect has lightbox functions that allow you to fire the lightboxes when a specific incident such as a page call, hit or click occurs, or when an item enters the viewports.

Listing features are integrated directly into the plug-in, making it a great page creator, especially if you want to create your e-mailinglist. So if you're serious about creating lists on your website, there's no Page builder plug-in better than Thrive Architect. Thrive Architect lets you fully customise the appearance of your page on your portable and portable tablets.

Any group of items can be saved as a re-usable style sheet. More than 34 text items, picture items, count down, buttons, status bars, tabbed pages, acordion, type focus function, cards and more are included. A further big benefit is that the Thrive Architect does not use shortcuts, although there is a purpose.

This means that even if you choose to disable the Thrive Architect plug-in in the near term, the contents you have created with Thrive Architect will not be wasted. Implemented by the plug-in, the styling is missing, but the HTML base remains the same. The stylized Thrive Architect listing item, for example, is reset to the simple enumerated HTML file when the plug-in is disabled.

Previously, in the case of Thrive Content Builder, there were some items that were only reserved for use with Thrive Themes. However, in the recent Thrive Architect, it has become an independent page builder that works on any topic without excluding items. There' s just no issue that can't be handled with Thrive Architect.

It' a great price to pay when you consider that the Thrive team provides you with lifelong free upgrades, and there are also multiple site licences available. For Visual Composer, if you want to use the plug-in on 5 pages, you'll have to spend $170 because each licence will cost $34, and even Thrive Themes is exceptionally supported in comparison to Visual Composer.

Another benefit is that the Thrive Architect plug-in works smoothly with other plug-ins such as Thrive Lead, Thrive Apprentice Apprentice and other Thrive Themes products. Looking for the best free WordPress page layout plug-in? You got elemental behind you. The best free WordPress page creator is Mindor.

As far as the functions are concerned, it is very similar to the Thrive Architect. Elementor has a visual appeal and a graphical display. Actually, the new Thrive Architect has a similar look and feel to Elementor. It' also a real WYSIWYG editing tool like Thrive Architect'. Elementor is quite liked because of its free plug-in that is available on WordPress repository.

That means that you can test the plug-in before you buy it. This free edition contains some of the essential items like column, text editors, symbol boxes, headers, test menus, even tabbed and accordion versions. That'?s something you can do with Thrive Architect. Like Thrive Architect, this plug-in will not hold your contents as hostages.

This means that you can disable the plug-in without your contents disappearing. If you want the Page Builder to really be a better alternative to Visual Composer, the professional edition of Elementor must be purchased. Plus, the Professional Edition includes functions such as form, slide, globals wideget, price chart and professional template up to 100+.

One more thing you need to keep in mind is that Elementor Pro (paid version) has close WooCommerce connectivity. There are 4 items that are specifically designed for WooCommerce. Using a Page Builder for WooCommerce only would make Elementor a breeze. You can see that the price is slightly lower than the Thrive Architect.

As you' ve already seen, Thrive Architect offers lifelong upgrades for a one-time charge. Both Thrive Architect and Elementor provide a link when it comes to sidemakers. However, I am still somewhat inclined towards the Thrive Architect, as they are equipped with profitable prices, integration and lifelong updating. Beaver Builder also comes with a free unlimited edition.

But the free Elementor is much more rugged and efficient than the free Beaver Builder plug-in. Instead of going to the free Beaver Builder it makes more sense to go to the free Elementor, as the latter has many functions that are a free one.

The Beaver Builder is slightly faster than the Elementor in terms of performance. This is because the changes you make in Elementor are made immediately, while they are not made in Beaver Builder. Beaver Builder is a free software that includes various features such as HTML, text, video and photo. More than 20 high-performance moduls are included in the plug-in's professional part.

Beaver Builder comes with over 32 contents presets to select from. That' s a little less than what comes with Thrive Architect and Elementor. Beaver Builder does not block the contents similar to the two above mentioned plugs. It is possible to disable the plug-in, the contents are still there, but the formats are wasted.

You can see that Beaver Builder's price structure is truly one of a kind. So if you're using the plug-in in a WP multi-site setting, the WP Multi-site Planning Guide is for you. When you are considering using the plug-in on several pages, Beaver Builders is the most affordable of all. Recently Divi released its own Pagebuilder which is a visual designer and works on any topic.

It contains both the front end and the back end editors, similar to Visual Composer. In the past, Division Building was a block-based page building program. Those things started to change when the 3. Now, Vivi Building is a full-featured visual lives ite by Thrive Architect or other side architects.

Divi Lead is the key characteristic of Divi Builders that is unmatched. As soon as the plug-in has collected enough information, you can see the analyses. That is something very specific for Divi. There are 45 Page Builders containing text based contents moduls, a buttons modul, pictures, accordions, switches, tab pages, call to actions, cards, contacts and much more.

Also, you can turn on/off the visualization of certain items on portable or tabbed PCs, similar to Thrive Architect. Its all-new Divi Builders are also really quick and its performance can be likened to that of Thrive Architect. If you disable the Divi Page builder, the contents will be preserved, but without formats as with all other Page Builder plug-ins I mention.

This is still great in comparison to the Divi theme's predecessors, where binding was the main problem. Divi Builders cannot be bought seperately. But if you are only looking for a Page builder, the premiums are not profitable. When you have all the sleek topics like DiviTheme and plugins like Bloom Email Optins, and also Monarch Financial Share plug-in, inclusive of Divi Page Builders, then the prize can be definitely a looker.

The MotoPress is available as a free as well as a free edition. This free plug-in contains all major functions like 30+ contents items, front-end processing, cross-theme compatability and much more. To make MotoPress a great alternative to Visual Composer, you may need to purchase MotoPress Component Editor Pro.

Plus, the Simplified Edition provides prioritized technical assistance and updating, style storage and reuse, and the option to activate the customized mail type texter. MotoPress Content Editors come with MotoPress addons that cost you some extra cash when you need them. In the case of Thrive Architect, Beaver Builder and Elementor, the above items are available free of charge with the sale.

However, these plug-ins are available as stand-alone add-ons for both Visual Composer and MotoPress Content Editor. The total costs of the Page Builder are added up. Here are some of the best Visual Composer choices you can get your fingers on. You can see that Thrive Architect is the best page building plug-in currently available.

It' s more feature-rich than any other plug-in and has close connectivity with Thrive Lead - the best listing plug-in (even better than OptinMonster). Are you a publisher who wants to create conversion-friendly land pages? Thrive Architect is the right partner for you. Thrive Architect also has high levels of connectivity with other Thrive plug-ins such as Thrive Lead, Ultimatum, Apprentice and Quiz Builder.

When you are looking for a free plug-in, please feel free to try downloading the free Elementor plug-in. This has the best free copy of Page Builders plugs. However, you certainly need to update it to the Professional edition to consider it an alternative to Visual Composer or Thrive Architect.

Hopefully you found this article useful in selecting a good replacement for Visual Composer when it comes to creating WordPress pages.

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