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Visuelle Seite Builder Wordpress

is a giant in the WordPress Page Builder scene. Gain control of your page content with the most advanced Builder plugin on the market. A visual page creator for WordPress. Drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress. In the backend, you work with a frontend composer that creates pages visually.

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Annual licence for technical assistance and automated updating. Annual licence for technical assistance and automated updating. Annual licence for technical assistance and automated updating. Annual licence for technical assistance and automated updating. Annual licence for technical assistance and automated updating. Create WordPress pages visual by simply add and edit integrated website items. And you can take full benefit of our WordPress Slider, which will add extra features to your website and enhance it with appealing multimedia content.

Re-brand Page Builder plug-in as your own, review our White Label Addon. Drag-and-drop WordPress topics paired with enhanced features and nice, reactive designs. Backed by our technical assistance staff, you can unwind and spend less valuable hours developing your career.

MotorPress vs. Elementor vs. Beaver Builder vs. Divi Builder vs. WPBakery Page Builder vs. SiteOrigin

WordPress content's default tree is simply tedious. Don't get me wrong, please, I still like WordPress. It is the greatest web based CMS in ever recorded time! A good contents display is often about much more than that. I think these boys have done a good job of thinking through the part of the contents display on their platforms.

However, WordPress is not quite suitable for creating this type of contents simply. In order to make this possible, you need a plug-in. Specifically, you need a drag-and-drop plug-in to create page contents. The MotoPress Publisher vs. Elementor vs. Beaver Builder vs. Divi Builder vs. WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) vs. SiteOrigin Page Builder.

The MotoPress Editors is a WordPress plug-in that connects to any topic you're currently using, and then gives your blogs postings and pages a special glow. It is a drag-and-drop editing tool, which means you don't need any coding or web development knowledge to use it.

That' s why you save a lot of your working hours while working on your website contents. It is integrated into the WordPress default WordPress editors and can be activated for any article or page you already have on the site. In addition, MotoPress (the mother company) also provides user-defined WordPress topics with even more integrated features for the MotoPress CMS plug-in.

Drag and Drop authoring of contents. Works with all WordPress topics. Integrated element to generate complicated layout (columns, rows). Large number of contents block (such as text, button, image, video, quote, list, etc.). Even contents that are not as apparent as service packs, call actions, split screen, chart, countdown timer and more.

Ability to block parts of the contents and become members only. There is also a "lite" versions of the plug-in available via Convenient drag-and-drop user interfaces. Standard element style isn't that sophisticated, which means you'll have to waste a while adjusting the type and spacing/edges of the block before things look good.

For whom is the MotoPress editor best suitable? If you want: a drag-and-drop context builder that doesn't have a learn-curve and works just right, you want to use it with your latest WordPress topic, you want easy accessibility to a number of less apparent text boxes (such as diagrams, count down timing, etc.).

Similar to its competitors on this page, Elementor is an enhanced visual contents generator with neat drag-and-drop functionality. However, it is characterized by its extremely user-friendliness and a multitude of integrated contents items - which the name itself already implies.

However,lementor goes far beyond things like plain text pads or pictures. It lets you create your layout from things like button, block, accordion, Google Maps, picture gallery, counter, progression bar, and more (50+). lementor also comes with a neat kit of ready-made layout templates that will safely drive your creativity forward and give you easy entry to some streamlined page themes.

Work with any WordPress topic. Fully drag-and-drop supported. Variety of integrated contents module (columns, headers, pictures, rich text, symbols, gallery, tattoos, accordions and more). Compatible with the WordPress default Widget + custom plug-in Widget. Integrated page layout. Provides its own set of globally available Widget (Pro version) - allowing you to re-use your layout on several pages.

Probably one of the simplest to use page builder out there. Over 50 built-in items. Allows you to work with WordPress Widget as contentsblock. Work with any topic. The Getlementor if you: a utility that is the simplest to use in its category, a large number of single contents items, a number of integrated page styles, the ability to import/export entire layout.

The Beaver Builder is an enhanced Visual Contentbuilder with full drag-and-drop functionality. One of the features of this plug-in is its user-defined user interfaces. It is located on the frontend and gives you a good idea of what your site will look like when you release it. The Beaver Builder also provides a number of integrated template for different pages.

Example: Hosting Pages, Service Page, "about" Page and more. Anything you create with the plug-in will be portable, and it will work with your latest design. Work with any WordPress topic. Fully drag-and-drop function. This is a beautiful kit of integrated contents module (headings, text, photographs, symbols, maps, video and more).

Integrated page layout. Allows you to work with WordPress Widget as contentsblock. Work with any topic. Who is Beaver Builder best for? Beaver Builder is the right choice if you want: a really simple to use utility, full drag-and-drop functionality, a number of integrated page styles, something that allows you to manipulate your contents in both wp-Admin and Frontend, want to be able to easily read and write your layout, and want to be able to create your own layout.

Vivi Builder enjoys increasing user adoption and reaches new audiences at a really fast rate. It is a stand-alone facsimile of the company's flag ship - the theme of its Divi. Underneath the bonnet, the plug-in allows you to do just about anything you can with the major Live, but on any WordPress topic you're currently using.

It' s very simple to use and offers some genuine inline edit functions - that means you can do anything while you see your site take form in live. Divi Builder offers you many different ways to create these pages - 46 different module with great contents.

Work with any WordPress topic. Fully drag-and-drop supported. Integrated 46 different contents moduls (accordions, audioplayer, pictures, cards, price charts, tab pages, test reports, video, texts and more). The Divi Builder Library contains a number of template files. A few great and inventive items of contents. Work with any topic. When deactivating the plug-in, causes a short key damage - the contents are not readable.

For whom is the Divi Builder best for? If you want to get your fingers on other topics and plug-ins for free, get Divi Builder: a utility that allows you to edit inline, a built-in A/B test engine, the ability to import/export layout, and more. The WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) is currently CodeCanyon's best-selling WordPress plug-in and supports more than 1 million websites.

As the name implies, it is a visual content builder with an easy-to-understand user experience, a variety of functions, and a few drag-and-drop functions (just to align the items you've already placed on your page). WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) provides everything you expect from a Visual Builder in one set, and it works with your latest WordPress theming.

The WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) does not have much of a learn bend either. New items can be added to a page by pressing the Plus key and then selecting what you need from a list of wizards. Works with all WordPress topics. Over 40 built-in table of contents items (rows, columns, text boxes, pushbuttons, charts, and more).

Front end and back end publishers available. More than 60 pre-defined layout integrated. It can be activated for any contribution or page. There is a frontend edit so that you can see exactly what your website contents will look like. There is also backend processing - via the default processing screens in WordPress - if you want to keep things in one place.

The creation of lines and column is a little more manually than with MotoPress CMS. Uninstalling the plug-in will cause the contents you created to stop working. For whom is the WPBakery Page Builder best for? If you want to: use a plug-in that has been tried by hundred thousand people and has great ratings all over the web, something that allows you to manipulate your contents both in wp-admin and at the frontend (while viewing your web site live), get WPBakery Page Builder and use it with your latest WordPress themed.

Page Builder is an interesting Visual Contentbuilder plug-in which offers a variety of functions and is very simple to use at the same to use. You can integrate SiteOrigin Page Builder into your existing WordPress topic and use the plug-in for your articles and pages. Processing takes place on the backend (via the default processing screens in WordPress).

Click either the "Add Line" or "Add Widget" buttons to create new blocs. There are also some drag-and-drop functions for reorienting the block. SiteOrigin Page Builder offers you the opportunity to create the contents of your website visually and free of charge. Works with all WordPress topics.

May use WordPress Widget as a block of contents. There are a number of built-in contents and an extra number of modules that you can get from an add-on plug-in (also free). Processing back-end contents (from wp-admin). Allows you to use the Widgets you already have on your WordPress page (including those from other plugins).

Operates on any contribution or page. If you want to include any item on your page, for example, you must first generate a new line and then select a block/widget to place in it. Who is SiteOrigin Page Builder best for? If you want: something that's free, something that allows you to use widgets as your contents blocs (that is, you can view recent reviews, favorite reviews, the lookup box, etc.), get SiteOrigin Page Builder to use the plug-in with your recent WordPress theming.

Certainly the WordPress drag-and-drop builder community has been growing rapidly in recent years. And I want a great editing tool that just works right. To get a full suite of contents modules/blocks (including the default ones like text or pictures, but also less apparent things like diagrams, counter, etc.).

The MotoPress Content Editor, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi Builder, WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) or SiteOrigin Page Builder? Don't miss out on our accelerated WordPress page crashworthiness course. Exclusion of liability: This article is supported by MotoPress and contains affiliated hyperlinks.

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