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An extensive library of components and page designs includes everything you need to create any type of website. Create stunning database-driven websites with our visual editor. Because we see web design visually, it makes sense to produce design visually.

Website Visual Creation & CMS for Pros

The Headlify is a frontend as a services solution that enables web pros to build custom React apps with Visual Design and link them to any backend. The use of visual utilities means creating Web sites with visual items instead of using text. Build Web sites that are interoperable with all your portable gadgets and web browser. Refresh all your favorite SQL tag without plug-ins or programming knowledge.

Every coded ape out there. You can use our coding tool to encode what you want. Design user-defined parts that work smoothly with our designers. Generate more than one version of your website without plug-ins. Conventional sites have their own backend and frontend. Each part works with the same basic coding and communicates directly with the other so that the website is created as a whole.

The frontend in a headsets install is a standalone application that interacts with a backend via an interface (API). The Visual Notepad allows you to create your own layout and earn more moneys.

Quick, simple, and high-performance visual web designing softwares that let you build nice and contemporary web sites without writing coding.

A visual web designer application that is easily to use. With Blocs for Mac, you get a quick, easy-to-use, and high-performance visual web page designer that lets you build nice and contemporary web pages without writing coding. You' gonna like to build with blocs. With Blocs to build is really nice and playful.

Click, choose, edit und just indulge in stack pads to create your website. Some of the enhanced processing functions are hidden behind the Blocs user interfaces. If you are willing to become more creatively with your design, Blocs will evolve with you. The Blocs solution has built-in capabilities for a variety of third parties content management systems, both premier (paid) and open sourced ("free").

It is now possible to generate high-performance, fast-paced Web sites that can be directly upgraded and co-financed from your Web browsers. Notice: The integration of a CMS is optionally and not necessary to make a website with Blocs. The work with web sites that contain many pages can be very time-consuming. Blocs makes it really easy.

One click painting modes, automatic text coloring, and animation are just some of the fun and time-saving functions of Blocs. With Blocs, you get all the functionality you need to easily optimize your Web sites for your desktops, tablets, and mobiles. The Blocs software has many time-saving functions such as automatic coloring and globally applied patterns.

With Blocs, you can create complete website layout in a few moments. There is no need to learn or use programming to create a website with Blocs. With Blocs you can create breathtaking one-click motion graphics for your website. Since Blocs constructs the following page stream, websites react without additional effort.

With the new Blocs Font Manager, you can easily insert any Google web fonts you want to use on your websites. The Blocs solution has built-in capabilities for a variety of premier and open sourced content management systems. Let your users begin discussion and comment on websites with built-in Disqus functionality. When you export a Blocs export your projects, it generates an automatic site map. nml files that enhances the results of all SEOs.

With Bootstrap 3, one of the most trusted and trusted web development framework, Blocs creates web sites. The Blocs is a desktops application that means you can create as many sites as you want, without limitations. The Blocs comes with a lot of ready-made layout, so the assembly and prototype is very quick. One of the simplest website creation utilities is Blocs.

Everybody can use Blocs to make buildings. Blocs is not only a great application, but also one you'll want to see. The Blocs is a true one. In contrast to so many other website creation utilities, Blocs actually works off-line. Blocs 2 offers not only a more MacOS look and feel, but also some amazing new functions.

Design your own website with CMS control. Enhanced Animations. Forty-six new blocks, among them pre-styled blocks. The Blocs is simple to learn and use. With Blocs, you can effortlessly design and construct breathtaking Web sites without having to touch a line of coding. The Blocs is the ideal stepping stone for teaching the fundamentals quickly and simply.

"The best and easiest web application for the Mac gets even better. Update from an older Blocs release and get a 25% discount.

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