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Comes with a fully integrated Visual Composer. #42+ Best Visual Composer WordPress Themes 2018 Looking for some of the most versatile designs, this set of the best Visual Composer WordPress designs will have a lot to offer you. Like the name of this compilation already says, these are all WordPress topics that contain the Visual Composer plug-in. What is Visual Composer and how does it work?

Usually this plug-in is purchased seperately, but these designs include Visual Composer at no surcharge. This feature gives you easy use of a high-performance utility that updates the default WordPress authoring interface and turns it into a full-featured drag-and-drop page creation utility. Instead of just text and pictures to your articles and pages, Visual Composer gives you much more creativity.

The designs in this set allow you to simply add extended row and column layout to your postings and pages and then fill them with a module or element of your choosing from Visual Composer's large libraries. The Visual Composer is very simple to use. Also our short manual for Visual Composer is recommended to read to get familiar with the functionality.

Visual Composer panels span a broad set of tools, among them button, player, price table, icon and more. Several of the features in this set of the best Visual Composer WordPress Themes include even extra modular packages that give you even more possibilities. The best thing about selecting a Visual Composer WordPress is that it is almost always created with this plug-in.

This feature allows you to manipulate the theme and the way the theme is displayed in a drag-and-drop front-end environment. So, if you see a theme that you like, but wish a particular point was different, Visual Composer gives you a good shot at making those changes easy.

is a WordPress theme that comes with more than 11 different pre-built home page themes for creating different kinds of marketing-related Web sites. This theme contains 6 different blogs with different layout and headers. The Aprimo is a contemporary WordPress theme with a colourful outline. This topic has been specially developed for the setup of landing-pages for mobiles and web-applications.

WooCommerce is supported by 11 different site themes. WooCommerce Ecom is a state-of-the-art WordPress application with a highly customisable look and feel and 30 user-defined shortcuts. The Visual Composer created theme contains a side bar builder that you can use to create your own individual side bars, and it comes with a copy of the Revolution Slider.

The Acerola is a very minimalistic WordPress theme designed to create an advertising website, a creativity folder or a minimum on-line store. The Visual Composer created theme is WooCommerce and WPML compliant. These include custom store and blogs laid out with minimally invasive themes. Hairdressing is a one-page WordPress theme that allows you to create a hairdressing parlour, a hairdressing parlour or a website for a health and beauty parlour.

It has a classic backward look with a permanent side bar for easy navigation on the website. This is a neat and simple WordPress theme created with Visual Composer. Featuring a versatile styling that you can adapt to your needs. The theme also includes 48 ready-made homepage themes and 260 page builders to create your own custom pages.

The Brisk is a Visual Composer WordPress theme perfectly suited for creating a website or folder for a designer, artist or professional creator. Topic comprises 23 ready-made demonstration homepage themes, several product line presentations with 12 different site themes and one of a kind blogs. The Pexr is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that lets you create many different kinds of Web sites, to include agencies Web sites, corporations Web sites, landing pages, and more.

Topic covers 10 different homepage layouts, 5 head and meal style and more than 100 page layouts. The wizard is another asset in the WordPress Topics full-screen mode group. Wizard will become a very favorite topic thanks to an amazing choice of website demonstrations and a number of premier plug-ins contained in the pack.

The Jango is a WordPress theme that contains 14 different homepage style options for corporate, executive, create and content sites. It has a component-based theme created with Visual Composer and Bootstrap, so you can simply modify the theme to your needs without programming. The theme is contemporary and classy, with a high-end aesthetics for a fashionable or eCommerce website.

It is also based on a high-performance administration console and many useful plug-ins - Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer, WooCommerce, WPML and more. Thath is a light, brave, corporate/Enterprise business topic. By dragging and dropping, Visual Composer makes it simple for you to move to a nice design that is fully tailored to your company.

This theme contains 18 further items developed for Dash! in an exclusive way in supplement to the Visual Composer's off-the-shelf component. Once the pre-built contents have been assembled, you can use Visual Composer to make sure the website is designed for the highest possible levels of translation. When you want a website designed to meet your objectives, Leon is one of the best Visual Composer WordPress topics ever.

Perfect is a WordPress theme ideally suited for building enterprise Web pages, Web pages to support your Web site service, and Web site collateral for a variety of uses. Everything you would want in the best Visual Composer WordPress topics is built into Perfect and ensures that you can create a website that meets your needs.

The MediaMart is a Visual Composer based WordPress on-line store theme that uses WooCommerce for its e-commerce features. You can also customise any MediaMart demonstration contents to make sure your website looks the way you want it to. The Consult Expert is a fully adaptable WordPress theme for the creation of consultancy web sites.

Whatever kind of website you want to build with WordPress, Consult Expert might be a good choice. The Visual Composer is not the only plug-in in the bundle. You will also find Slider Revolution at no surcharge. The Anakual is an amazing multi-purpose WordPress based on the power of the Visual Composer plug-in.

10 enterprise drafts, 8 imaginative themes and 2 landing-page layout, as well as other pre-built contents, can all be customised using Visual Composer's drag-and-drop user experience. Since this theme is all new, Anakual offers you a good chance to find a cool look for your WordPress website. The Materialize is a new and interesting Visual Composer WordPress theme with a great look.

Materialize is a multifunctional theme that helps you use WordPress to design almost any kind of website, building on the favorite Material Design Trends created by Google and its creative people. Due to the drag-and-drop sidebuilder there are really no boundaries to this topic. The Uommo is a WordPress theme designed to help you design a website for your online advertising company.

But because it contains the most beloved drag-and-drop page generator, Uommo can effortlessly be optimized to build other kinds of Web sites. If you are building your website with WordPress, Uommo offers you a good choice of home page and inside page layouts to use. is a WordPress theme with a minimum content mix that is very adaptable.

Because of its classy styling, this is one of the best Visual Composer WordPress topics for the creation of a custom website, whether it's an on-line content collection or a blogs. And Mayo is another advanced theme for the creation of web sites with WordPress. The integration of the Visual Composer plug-in means you have no problems setting up the right website for your own unique brands.

All the other amazing functions, such as a full suite of adjustment tools, a template repository, and a slide show utility, will help make your site a hit. The Flibz is a one-sided WordPress theme with the beloved palladium effect at the centre of the designs. In order to help you get up and running as quickly as possible, Flibz offers a one-click import utility for demonstration contents.

When you have this design and its contents in place, you can use Drag-and-Drop Builders to personalise your new website. When you want to build a one-page website, Flibz is one of the best Visual Composer WordPress Themes in this compilation for that specific use. One more all-in-one WordPress theme, Zaser Pro is suitable for almost any work.

In spite of the new release, you have a wide variety of website demonstrations to select from when you select this Visual Composer theme. There is also a Visual Composer add-on bundled with the suite that makes this drag-and-drop page creation utility even more efficient. The Promoter is a classy WordPress theme that should be perfect for advertising your product and service range on-line.

The Slider Revolution and Visual Composer are two of the powerfull utilities bundled to help you design the website that meets your needs. With all the pre-built contents, artwork and demonstrations, Promoter is one of the most versatile Visual Composer WordPress topics ever. Smart-Web is a Visual Composer WordPress theme that was developed to help you design a customized website for your company.

Thanks to the integration of the Visual Composer, however, you can use this topic for almost any use. The import of the demonstration contents is fast and uncomplicated, so that you have the possibility to adapt the standard design with Visual Composer. Besides the drag-and-drop function for the page creator, there are also many possibilities for customizing the design.

The Beyond is an all-in-one WordPress theme that comes with the Visual Composer plug-in. Not the only plug-in in the Beyond Theme Pack, Visual Composer gives you many powerful features that you can use to create your website. 7 is promoted as the most adaptable theme for today's sales, and thanks to the incorporation of Visual Composer this may well be so.

In addition to this high-performance drag-and-drop plug-in for the page creator, you also get over 630 different choices and preferences to manage the look and feel of your website. 7 is one of the most versatile Visual Composer WordPress topics and will certainly attract those who want to customize their website.

Totally has received an amazing rating of user reviews, which helps him to get a place in this compilation of the best Visual Composer WordPress topics. In addition to the Page builder, there is a choice of high-quality demonstrations that can be easily uploaded to your WordPress website with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can also use the Page builder to create your own page.

One of the most feature-rich Visual Composer WordPress topics in this compilation is Karma. In addition to the Visual Composer Page Builder, you also get the Karma Composer utility that allows you to create your own individual website design. WordPress The Retailer is a classy e-commerce theme that is perfectly suited to create an individual web store with WordPress.

Featuring full WooCommerce capability, this is a favorite Visual Composer WordPress theme that makes it simple to easily market your product on-line and provide your service to your audiences. Dynamic is another favorite multi-purpose theme that can be used to create almost any kind of website using WordPress.

The topic is full of page layout and template, all of which can be adapted thanks to the integration of the Visual Composer Page Builder plug-in. No matter whether you're building a web site, building a rich client base, or building an on-line store, Dynamix is one of the Visual Composer WordPress topics that should be shortlisted. uDesign is one of the most favorite Visual Composer WordPress topics on the market, with over 45,000 unique selling points and an industry averaging 4.65 star of 5.

The versatile design was introduced in 2011, but thanks to continuous updating it still looks as cool today as it did when it was first out. Legda has a burgeoning web site variant collection that covers a variety of project types. The best part is that almost every facet of this Visual Composer WordPress theme can be customised using the built-in Page Builder or Preferences and Option of the Textboard.

The TheFox has all the beloved functions you would find in the best Visual Composer WordPress thematics. Featuring a full-screen slide bar modus, along with full featured backgrounds and videos, you should have no problem creating an eye-catching website with TheFox design. No matter if you are a customized user who wants to modify the contained template or just want to have one of the many ready-made website demonstrations installed, TheFox offers many possibilities.

The Centum has a more sophisticated web styling style, at least in comparison to some of the more striking topics available today. So if you prefer your contents to speak and be the centre of attention, Centum with its clear and classy styling could be just right for you. They still get easy acces to the Visual Composer and Slider Revolution tool, but overall this less subject adopts is more approaches to web designing.

Patti WordPress Theme takes over the beloved one-page look with great impact and gives you a classy and contemporary look for your website. You will also find a number of Visual Composer add-ons to extend this already strong Page Builders plug-in. But if you need even more creativity, Visual Composer is there to help you achieve your objectives.

If you are looking for a theme for your portfolios that also has all the customisation features of Visual Composer, Daisho is the right partner for you. Visual Composer WordPress's daring and colourful theme gives you a great chance to present your work there. Featuring over 60 website demonstrations, Royal could be the most diverse multi-purpose feature in this compilation of the best Visual Composer WordPress topics.

In addition to Visual Composer you will also find the following plug-in packages: Slider Revolution, Essential Grid and Master Slider Premium. In addition to the Visual Composer plug-in, you will also find the Slider Revolution, Essential Grid and Master Slider premium plug-in packages. The Vellum is another action-packed feature in the Visual Composer WordPress theme group. The Vellum contains 12 start packs to help you build your website. Then you can choose which of the many functions to activate, inclusive of slide shows with Slider Revolution, customizable UberMenus and Google Fonts integrated.

Featuring one-page layout and a choice of multipage demonstrations, Phoenix is a versatile Visual Composer WordPress theme for any event. Easily adjust any of the pre-built layout using the drag-and-drop build toolbar, while simultaneously adding all Visual Composer-supplied items to your work.

Would you like to know more about Visual Composer and what it can do for you? Have a look at our set of eight Visual Composer hints you've never seen before!

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