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Vivozoom announced a new sale for your pictures. Our picture guarantee gives your business customers the trust they need to license your pictures. Are customers really worried about the warranty? Ad agencies that use an imagery for one of their customers must be convinced of the origin of that imagery. In early 2008, Vivozoom contracted an outside research firm to gather the views of companies in North America and Europe.

A lot avoided microstock because of the absence of warranty, while a few used microstock in the misconception that the pictures were justified. To the question of what they thought of microstock, they reacted with overwhelming positivity. First, we will process pictures to a higher level, incorporating a more careful handling of model and object sharing needs.

Second, we will open a completely new developed image storage space where warranty is an important part of our support team. Vivozoom says no other microstock agency in the microstock industry provides this. You will also get a reasonable 40% yield on all your revenues from image licencing and a bilateral agreement (not exclusive).

Whilst more and more popular is the use of microphone stock, the absence of an implied guarantee of the quality of the images will affect your trust in the use of such images. We offer our customers the guarantee that the picture can be used for specific purpose. Previously contained in the VIVOZOMOOM database, some of the best microphotographers such as Yuri Arcurs, Andres Rodriguez, Ron Chapple.

Vivozoom's founding members are Lawrence Gould, formerly Managing Partner of Tony Stone Images and CFO Getty Images, and Tom Donnelly, formerly VP E-Commerce Getty. Hopefully, they've concentrated on something the markets are looking for.

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