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Shopping online from a large selection in the Vix Wix Store. Introduction of new Rep Kit-Iptions **....

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Now we offer different kits with different content for different entry fee, take a look through our choices to select which one best fits you, there is a kits in our assortment suitable for every budget and will help you begin your Vix Wix trip. Ten shots, one gripper, two flocks, £20 kits.

Shotpot 36, shell 2, flake 1, cost 35 pounds perk.

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A sweet, little eco-dwelling owl I purchased as a torch and a 100g pouch with melt from the Swadlincoate Delph Curly Magpie mart. It' perfectly, I adore greens and I adore coals. While I was amazed by the selection of melt available that particular date, the selection of available product seemed to offer real value for purchase.

I always wanted to try melting, but found that the starting product (e.g. the burner) was really high. Vix WIx didn't do this at all and I was really amazed by the price and value of their wares. And another thing, all the waxes and waxes are made of environmentally sound material?

One of my favourites is the fragrance of the freshness of the lavender melting and soft touch of my own cedar, so I look forward to trying it out once my cedar melting is over. Continue with the great work, I'll be back in the near term to update my selections and maybe submit another reviews after I've tried more of themelzen.

To Vix Wix: It'?s something completely different!

Name is Vicky and I am a mother of 3 beautiful kids under 12 years and work from home in Basingstoke. Selling your handmade molten silicon dioxide smelts that scent exquisite in a variety of flavors, as well as distillers, uncommon presents and baskets that can be customized to your needs.

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