Vog Share Price

The Vog share price

Stock price information for Victoria Oil & Gas (VOG). Viktoria Oil & Gas Share discussion threads. The VICTORIA OIL share price (VOG), chart, current trades, company information, trading information, company news, basics.

The Victoria Oil & Gas share price. VICIOUS

Kind of trade: Trading mode: Trading mode: Mr. Foo was Chairman and CEO of Victoria Oil & Gas at the date of this Deal. Mr. Dik was Group Chief Executive at Victoria Oil & Gas at the date of trading.

Mr. Diamond was a Non-Executive Director of Victoria Oil & Gas at the date of this trading. Smokey? shareholders' group. I' d like to take a shot at Foo.

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Log in or sign up to share a chat session to send a mail. Smokey? shareholders' group. I' d like to take a shot at Foo. The sooner we take a move against the BSB, the better. I know good mornin' everyone, just to let you know that KF has to be spending a lot of my precious hours to read all these articles, because he dragged me up about 1 hour after my publication by e-mail.

I think he knows how everyone thinks about what has been happening in the last 1-2 years. Somebody wanna tell me what just happen to the Kemerkol plant? So, I just want to ask the question: can anyone tell me what happend with the Kermerkol project? In 2009, the Kazakh capital expenditure was planned to amount to 35 US dollars.

It was quite a smash in those days. BS..lol... and that's officially. well, you can look to a toothless FCA, either that or sluggish FCA, either way completely unsuccessful.

Viktoria Oil & Gas Share Price Chart

TR-1: Notification of material ownership interest in SHARESi 1. Identification of the issuing company or underlyings issuing company of outstanding common stock to which votes are attached: ii..... RTN number: 5800Y Victoria Oil & Gas PLC August 22, 2018 TR-1: S Standard Important Shareholdings Reporting System Important Shareholdings Reporting System (to be sent to the respective issuing company and, if possible, to the ECB in Microsoft Word format) i....

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