Bring Indulgence by Ghost! Ausj is my name, and on this page I have compiled all my artwork specifically in a legible form, this will not necessarily be my most important "media site", but there will be space for hyperlinks within the page pointing to my audiovisual work. It is a website that aims to catch my visions and what I am about, and from here I want to give you true information about living, I don't want to confuse anyone, I stay clear about how I am communicating my thoughts, we can see that the web is cluttered with crack information, and it is getting more and more difficult to screen for specifics.

Working with like-minded people, the scientists stay thorough, which means that the term "misinformation" is used only once...and you just reread it! What is published on this website will in fact be ageless.

fromj : slowenian " englisch

A new feature in the on-line lexicon - thousands of thousands of translated samples from the web! Using true languages will help your translating to become more accurate and idiomatic! Where can I find the new typesetting samples? Query will show results in ABAP dictionary records and sample texts containing the precise or similar term or sentence.

Click on the "Application examples" tabs to see a complete list of available versions in all terms of the keyword. This is followed by appropriate samples from the web. The dictionary is now complemented by million of actual sample texts from outside source. Now you can see how a term is interpreted in certain context.

The result is stylishly more demanding translations. In fact, the "examples from the Internet" come from the Web. With the help of automatic procedures, we are able to detect reliable texts. We have used the most important resources, professional corporate and scholarly web sites. Therefore, we cannot naturally warrant the accuracy of every single work.

Our goal is to continuously improve the accuracy of our application samples by enhancing both their relevancy and their translation. It is also our goal to quickly incorporate these application samples into our portable devices (mobile website, apps).

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