What's the meaning of Vony? What is the popularity of the baby name Vony? Find out more about Vony's origins and popularity and how to pronounce it.

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The name Vony, what does it mean?

The name Vony, what does it mean? How long ago was the first name Vony first adopted in the United States? Saturday 4 April 1914 is the oldest birthday of Vony registered by the Social Insurance Institution. What's Vony's name like? Between 1880 and 2016, fewer than 5 Vony were birthed each year.

You' re a singular person. Strange things about the name Vony: about 1775. Corporeal and mental wilderness wait only for your contact.

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This information is taken from Barry Bolton's new main catalog, a catalog of the ant of the universe. vony. Hita Garcia & Fisher 2012: Usually slightly longer than broad (CI 96 - 99). Front klypeal rim with media imprint. Frontkarinae weak to moderate in development, blinding between rear edge of eyes and rear edge of skull.

The antenna is shorter and does not reach the rear edge of the top (SI 68 - 72). Mesosome with well evolved front side of protonotum, but without lack of thoracic mediant prominence, mesosome slightly marginalized from side to thoracic mesosome; promesonal seam and metantoal grooves missing, mesosome relatively high, dense and strong (LMI 46 - 49).

Paetiolar nodes in section three-cornered wedge-shaped, strongly compression anteroposterior dorsially, approx. 2. 4 to 3. 3 x higher than long (LPeI 31 - 41), front and back not parallel; nodes in dorsiver elevation crosswise, between 2. 4 to 3. 3 x broader than long (DPeI 245 - 333).

Postpetiol approximately round in section and slightly compression anteroposterior, about 1.3 to 1.5 fold higher than long (LPpI 69 - 77), in posterior elevation between 1.3 and 1.5 fold broader than long (DPpI 133 - 143). Postpetiol in section, which appears somewhat more bulky than the petiol knot, in the posterior perspective about as broad as to slightly broader than the petiol knot (PPI 100 - 107).

Lower jaw striped; Klypeus with a pronounced middle long ruga and one or two often weak rugas on each side; Anterior and central rectal cephalosedorsum between frontal carinas anterior and central lengthwise rugosis and venereal reticulum rugosis, five to nine medial dorsal vertebrae, end of vertebral vertebrae near rear edge of cap, but often fractured or cross-meshed, always with well-developed lateral rug, lateral rug from rear edge of cap to rear edge of clepeal, approximately at eyes height divergent in two vertebrae converging to rear edge of clepeal vertebra, merging into two vertebrae converging into one vertebral vertebra;

mainly reticulum roots to longitudinal rootsosis. Floor sculptures on the heads with weak to moderate reticular punctures. Mesosome reticulative sideways - rugosis to irregular longitudinal rugosis, anterior often slightly sculpted; mesosome mainly reticulative -rugosis. Every dorsiflexion with ample, moderate long, delicate and upright build.

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