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"Once I had a talk with Mu Vonz about hip-hop and whether he saw himself as part of the genre or not. To him I said that I thought he was totally hip-hop, but so much more than that; and I do. Recent publications have been more in the area of straightforward experiential tunes, but have always been, in my ear, directly based on hip-hop.

This is the same trend that will be taken on his latest self-titled publication on Already Dead Tapes. It'?s hip-hop, buddy. One of my favourite performers and one of the best honest men I've ever known, Mu Vonz's self-titled publication hits a hard note with me. Mu Vonz', which never lacks groove, attracts the listener's early interest and never relaxes the handle.

Yes, man, you're hip-hop. P.S. (The talk with Mu Vonz about him as a hip-hop may or may not have been so successful. Exactly or not, I'm behind my feelings.)"

Non-professional - Review by Vonz Restaurant, Tamaqua, PA

Ausz offers a comfortable environment, great cuisine, reasonable prices and a truly pleasurable eating environment. Me and my sweetheart chose to try Vonz 2014. Although the dishes of the day (not on the menu) are not gastronomic gems, they are really tasty and richly allotted. I would prefer to have dinner and enjoyed my meal than be overawed.

I have three golden-brown chunks of the fleshiest and tenderest hen I've had in a long while. They got their hen from Jurassic Park. I was joking. So much of it (yes, I'm happy it was only three pieces) that I had to take some remnants home with me. When you know how to handle your desert, the choice will vary; they will be prepared fresh (not bought!) and you may find it difficult to choose one.

Barbecued to perfection, loaded with the right amount of cheeses and tasty from the first to the last morsel. A five-star rating isn't enough to give them the right rating.

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