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Even the index of the index is very good. Like all S&P 500 mutuals, however, it does define large-caps in the opinion of the S&P Committee, which means that it contains a fairly large allotment to companies that we consider mid-caps. However, VOO provides outstanding large-capital US coverage: the mutual is in direct competition with SPY and IVV, which follow the same index.

Whilst all 3 investment trusts have minimal holdings fees, VOO often has a lean advantage. Return on investment of the ESG Trust Foundation is the result of a comparison of the performance of a fund's ESG Quality Score with that of other investment companies within the same group, as determined by Thomson Reuters Lipper Classification. The VOO is ranked in the 67th percentage within its peer group and in the 47th percentage within the worldwide fund universe within the scope of our cover list of equity metrics.

Vanguard S&P500 Fund - VOO Fund Executive summary

Are markets diverging from US markets diverging from US equities? Shares? Seems funds manager can't get enough of tech shares. Investors are continuing to hold FAANG+BAT shares. Could surveys of consumers tell us where the economy is heading? Could surveys of consumers tell us where the economy is heading?

Talking technically: Now the world's deviating from the US technical world: Melt-Up' from January the world leaves the USA reddux? Melt-Up' January reddux?

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