Latest tweets from Vood Bar (@VoodBar). Vood(oo) is the new emblematic EP of the leading French electronic music producer Rone. During Iksay' s funeral, in a large cave with a large stone pillar through which the tribe speaks to its gods, Ela accuses Vood of murder and Vood attacks him.

The Vood Bar

The Vood Bar a mis à jour les heures d'ouverture. All of you who have asked us in the last few month - we have at last put some visiting card out! Selling out of just about everything again and completely unexpected, now that the summers are over, so thanks to everyone who came to have our dinner!

a short souvenir from that we will be at the @breezeartmakersfair next week-end at the @tripefehouse - who will come? (P.s -.....


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The Vood Bar (

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