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The Voog Etf

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The VOOG ETF Guide | Share Price, Shareholdings, Fact Sheet and more

The ETF is tied to the S&P 500 Wachstum Index, which provides large caps in the US equities markets. Traders with a longer-term perspective should consider the importance of equities for capital appreciation and the diverse advantages they can bring to a diversified portfolios. Enterprises in the growing business category provide enormous earnings opportunities as they are still in the early stage of their lifecycle, which in turn increases the risks associated with this investment group.

Threshold securities can also attract those looking for incremental returns in comparison to dividends, as these firms reinvest profits. The VOOG is tied to an index of just over 300 investments and its exposures are most technology-driven, while industry, healthcare and commodities are equally weighted. Figure 1 gives VOOG investor a real-time personal ized VOOG score for various key figures, which include cash, spending, returns, investment returns, dividends, volatility, equity concentrations and an overall score.

Total VOOG real-time valuation: Below you can also see a comparison of VOOG's performances against other benchmark indices and comparable indices, or you can use Bollinger Bands, related strengths and rolling average indices. CHARACTERIST LSEG Information Services (US), Inc. "¶¶ISEG 2016. LSEG and/or its licensees own all right to the XTF information, valuations and/or the underlying information ("the XTF Information") included in this release.

None of LSEG nor its licensees assumes any responsibility for the use, trust, or error or omission in the XTF Information. The LSEG does not sponsors or support the contents of this Notice.

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