pool This is a slow-interm for the already colloquial phrase "how cold something is...". Go get a Vool cup for your grandmother Larisa.

... Go get a VOOL cup for your momma Larisa. The VOOL is awesome or,, awesome, get a VOOL mug for your Julia sisters. Get a VOOL mug for your mother Jovana.

Go get a Vool cup for your colleague Julia.... "Get yourself a Vool cup for your Rihanna daughter" This is a " "vool"" puzzle challenge. Go get a Vool cup for your Abdul cuz.


Would you like to stay the night before an appointment or a long working session over your notebook? It sometimes is helpful to switch perspectives during work and to develop new thoughts. Each Vool starts with a careful hand selected timber. It is a rather sensitive and complicated production procedure that is under people' influence at every stage.

Therefore, every single Vool, even if it is perfectly, is unique. almost infinite...... Cool notebook rack.

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