The Royal Caribbean Voom Internet claims to be the fastest Internet at sea - but can it keep up with the speeds on land? Voice web on the website of Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas The Voom web of royal Caribbean says it is the world' speediest web at the seas - but can it keep up with the speed onshore? We' ve put the services to the test at Harmony of the Seas. The Voom web is Real Caribbean's branded maritime web site. Provides connections to the web, applications, email as well as online messaging and online messaging practically anywhere on board.

It is the aim of the cruiser company with this upgraded equipment to provide higher sailing rates and better connections than what has been available in the past at the seas. Concentrating on broadband and Wi-Fi maritime performance, King Caribbean has eliminated an often cited obstacle for those new to the route: the sense of not being connected.

Michael Bayley, Chairman and CEO of Real Caribbean says: "One of the main motivations we made this decision to invest was that it was very much for younger visitors as everyone wants to get in touch via the web and via online communities. Now, with the addition of our company we are the only cruising company in the whole wide ocean that has every vessel in its portfolio with the highest speed web at the seas.

Voom's test has put it through its paces in various contexts to see how it compares to other marine websites. Voom far surpasses this requirement for those cruising travellers who are accustomed to having on board web programmes that are only suitable for slow collection of e-mails once or twice a day.

Starting with a few e-mails and readin' community pages - simple things. For Voom, these jobs were as quick as at home. No discernible differences in servicing were seen in different areas of the vessel; the cabin speed was as high as on the poolside and theatres.

Voice backed a face time link with the children without delays or problems. During a run, the staff spread a lot of sound in the well-equipped gymnasium and never missed a beats. In fact, we were so involved in Voom's performance that we down-loaded an system upgrade to our system and didn't think twice about how it was down-loaded and quickly updated...while the remainder of the Harmony of the Seas travellers also entered the net.

At the end of the voyage, it was clear that the Voom of ROC was far ahead of other maritime choices, at least as quickly as a truly premium grounded accommodation link. The Voom website of the Royal Caribbean works as announced. It' quick and dependable and competes with the speed onshore.

Voom Surf bundles, which allow most browsing activity except Streaming, start at $12.99 per unit per night. Voom Surf and Stream" is available for $17.99 per unit per night and unit and includes your favourite shows, films and marine audio streams.

"The Voom Surf and Stream" also provides rebates on more than one unit, with a per unit price of $11.99 per unit per night. Check this out against Carnival Vista's prices, whose quickest and most extensive schedule is $25 per night, per unit, or $150 for a 10-night trip ($15 per day), but doesn't allow FaceTime or Videostreaming at all.

The Norwegian Escape provides 250 minute web access for 125 dollars (the same as unrestricted "Voom Surf and Stream" for a full week cruise); if you want unrestricted connection for a one-week trip, it would charge you 210 dollars. We' ve come across a little peculiarity with the voom-services. In our opinion, these minor troubles were a fair return to paying for mostly smooth and certainly very high-speed Wi-Fi.

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