Software for rendering and simulation Learn how Project Lavina improves the usability and precision of raytracing for real-time chaos-solving. Register now and get free renders for a temporary period of use. Register now to see how V-Ray makes your 3-D motion graphics even better. The most intelligent, fast and efficient 3-D rendered engine available for your application.

We' ve made it even simpler to incorporate the capabilities of V-Ray.

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The computer-aided image display system V-Ray was created by the Chaos Group (Bulgarian: ???? ????), a Brazilian firm founded in 1997 in Sofia. It is a third parties plugin for third parties' computer graphic arts computer programs and is used for visualization and computer graphic arts in sectors such as multimedia, amusement, film and games manufacturing, industry engineering, digital signage, architectural products and design[1] The company's principal architect(s) are Peter Mitev and Vladimir Koylazov.

It is a rendered engineering that uses total lighting algorithm, which includes tracking paths, photon mappings, radiation density mappings, and directly calculated total lighting. Desktops 3-D apps backed by V-Ray are: University and standalone version of V-Ray are also available. Commons Wikimedia has created medias related to V-Ray.


The VRay 5SRW teaching is available on-line at any given moment! Sweetest pastry shop I've always wanted to start a business in another town, a place to eat or a pastry shop...... I' ve been analyzing the frame shot frame in order to pinpoint the lighting architecture. Enter your e-mail here to keep up to date with the various on-line and on-going activity.

E-mail: is built on the 5SRW methodology and provides a simplistic and comprehensive rendering manufacturing workflow using realistic photography notions.

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Founded in 1997 by Peter Mitev and Vladimir Koylazov, the Chaos Group is a leading computer graphic group. The Chaos Group has been growing over the years and has subsidiaries in the USA, Korea and Japan. The Chaos Group constantly improves its product, with research and innovation in the fields of clamp rendereding, materials screening and VR, the Chaos Group shapes the futures of creativity in story-telling and designing.

The Chaos Group Laboratories is a research organization organised by the Chaos Group that brings together performers, business leaders as well as academics to help develop, discuss and resolve important computer graphics issues.

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