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weblog was published at the beginning of the monthly. That version also contained some important upgrades to the data protection tool that were added to Core this year. Gutenberg can be tested by Gutenberg right now by deploying the plug-in, which currently has nearly 300,000 installations. In addition, the Gutenberg Handbook contains some very useful information about use and development for the new writer.

Would you like to participate in the construction of Gutenberg? Polyglots, the organisation committee for these sessions, is currently looking for information about the date, formats and contents of the session and would appreciate your comments from the local people. This year' WordCamp incubator programme has some news for the Fellowship staff.

New Gutenberg Block Library is available that lists the detail of the many block types available for the new Gutenberg Block Libraryditor. When Gutenberg is not running or enabled, the callouts are displayed to administrative user on individual websites and to super administrative user on multi-site websites. When Gutenberg is up and running, the call out is displayed to subscribers of both Contributor and higher.

When the Classic Editor plug-in is up and running, the call out is disabled for all user. There are 18 security fixed in this version that focus on maintaining consistent and flexible use of the new personally identifiable information features added in 4.9. You will now see the nature of the query to confirm in the subjects of all your email confirmations.

Enhanced page name inconsistency with the page name used for data protection email in multisites. You can now customize the administrator page breaks screen for data protection requests. The test cover for several important data protection features has been enhanced. Approaching 0, there is a lot of work in the whole team. Gutenberg is planned for the next few month, but you can already try it out as a plug-in.

In addition, a completely new demonstration page is now available - just go ahead and enjoy the many functions the publisher has to provide without having to install them on your own website. Do you want to help Gutenberg construct or test? Our staff is on missions to help resolve this issue. The Paciello Group and Tenon. io to help with Gutenberg coding reviews and testers.

And the first Hack Day is due on July 20th. Furthermore, the squad needs new employees. Present team's small, but hard. We focus on streamlining the process of our fellowship leadership by developing our volunteer teams and defining the instruments we need to keep things going.

Every weeks the squad starts several scratch bugs to process them faster and more transparent. This was the latest release of Core 6, which included important upgrades to data protection utilities and features in Core. Win: The organisation of the whole project is much better now, which has contributed to the dissolution of the designer blog, the recruitment of new employees and the recall of people.

The majority of input still comes from a small volunteer group. Incoming members and hosters have teamed up with the #hosting-community unit and begun to contribute. Continue creating and publishing case histories from the fellowship. There'?s no actual teammates. Gutenberg into the field of portable apps. Many thanks to the Core Privacy staff for their work on this topic.

Preparation for the Gutenberg Kallout (postponed in the last quarter). Great gain: The growth in the number of cross-national connections meeting for week-long gatherings is contributing to uniting the broader supporting fellowship. Introducing new employees to the group. The pace of change has drastically decelerated while members of the teams are on holiday or involved in customer relations.

There are new tools/workflows and two teammates were there to guide and help. There have been 30 launches since the beginning of the program, 12 of them after WordCamp US 2017. Freezing new Gutenberg functions (the function lists can be found here). Gutenberg's portable application will be supported by Gutenberg via iPhone, iPod touch, and Android.

4.9. x released with the invite to either Gutenberg or Classic Editor plug-in. Gutenberg's crucial questions have been solved. One target will be 100k+ locations that have created 250k+ contributions with Gutenberg.

Gutenberg's nuclear fusion begins the 5th 0 release-cycle. By the end of the year there will be a portable Gutenberg one. Zero could already be in August, with hundred thousand of locations using Gutenberg before publication. Find out more about Gutenberg, take a test ride, put it on your website, go to GitHub and give your feed back.

Dashboard for social events: Show the closest WordCamp whenever one appears, even if there are several Meetups first. Data protection: Ensure that the contents of the standard data protection directive do not cause a catastrophic failure when you delete transcription rule outside the administrative environment. Please complete the following registration if you are a European resident and would like to join the organisation group.

Whilst the editors are undergoing fast-paced developments, using s3. It' not written in stones - the date of publication may change during the course of evolution - but it gives the first real indication of when we can count on the publisher's work. In this year the community team is again conducting the incubator-programme.

The Block Unit Test is a new plug-in that helps topic programmers get ready for Gutenberg. Specifically, the new set of Web site security enhancements includes a number of functions that focus on delivering Web site security and managing personally identifiable information to all Web site visitors - asking commentators for express permission to save their information in a cookies, offering a simple way to post a security policy, and delivering Web site security exporting and deleting capabilities to all Web site visitors that can be enhanced with plug-ins to allow processing of information they enter.

It is a version for data protection and service. You are encouraged to upgrade your websites to take full benefit of the new data protection functions. We have added a number of new data protection functions in this version as part of this work. Website users can now specify a page with the data protection provisions. When you have a bottom line meal, this is a great place to incorporate your data protection statement.

This information may be duplicated and incorporated into the data protection statement of your website to facilitate your access. Find out more in our data protection section of the plugin manual.

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