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WA Web application

WA Web application is a web browsing application (similar to Addon) that allows you to easily view and verify WhatsApp from your PC or MAC. When you click the Start key (in the chart browser), WhatsApp Web is displayed in a separate user interface. In addition, the windows can be modified according to your wishes and all changes are automatically stored in the storage.

What do I do with this app? Simply insert it into your web page using the above mentioned links (Chrome-Webshop). When the app is up and running, click the Start icon on the expansion page. WhatsApp Web App loads the user interface in a hovering pane. The size of this area can be adjusted according to your wishes.

As soon as you resize it, the next times you open the application, the windows will be loaded with the new fileize. There is a Update pushbutton from right to left for reloading the WhatsApp page (if something goes awry on the WhatsApp page). Next is a popup screen that is used to open WhatsApp in a new tabs.

Notice that this process closes the currently active pane and loads WhatsApp into a new tabs (not windows). WhatsApp cannot be opened in more than one application at the same moment. The third key is for the pins actions. This means that when you click on the thin pushbutton, the screen always stays on top (note that the pushbutton symbol also changes).

The Next pushbutton is used to reverse the color in the WhatsApp home screen. This is very useful at nights for either read or write news. Use the last icon to open the technical supports page. All you need is available in the top section of the Hauptfenster. If you want to use this app, go to the Web Store and look for App for WA Web.

You can also use the above mentioned links to go to the Chrome webshop to get this app. For uninstalling this app, go to the page with the extension in your web brower and click the delete icon. This app is currently only available for Chrome.

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