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Registration instructions and search tips for Washington's Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) https://fortress.wa.gov/ga/webs/.

Registration WEBS & Search Tips

In order to finalize the on-line merchant registry system processing, you will be asked to submit the information below. From the WEBS, click on the Sign Up Now button to start the WEBS trial. Please note: A FEIN or SSN is necessary for registering in this system - if you do not already have one, you can request one on the IRS website.

Please note: A UBI is not necessary to be registered in this system. Sellers have the option of adding goods code (s) that include the goods and service their business provides or is willing to supply to the state. In order to find goods, type one or more key words and click the Find button. As an example, the electricity quest provides more results than the electricity quest.

Test several queries with different catchwords to make sure all associated merchandise code is displayed in your results. WEBS returns by standard goods with which one of the key words you enter was found when using several key words. Finding consultancy service, for example, provides all goods containing consultancy or service.

In order to limit your query, use AND to look for goods containing both words. As an example, finding home AND safety will give back goods that contain both home and safety. You can use quotation marks to find an accurate group of words. If, for example, you are looking for "janitorial services", goods will be returned that contain exactly the term "janitorial services".

If you enter "Group 23", for example, all goods that apply to motor vehicles will be returned. The entry in "Division 16" returns all design, electrical and electronic code. Sellers also indicate the geographical areas in which they wish to offer goods and/or provision of a service by choosing from a selection of countries.

Review and Choose I consent. Bankroll Information (Required) - Specify the name and e-mail of the bankroll administration and choose Yes to be notified of possible offers. Corporate information (required) - Specify FEIN or SSN, corporate name, annual gross revenue, number of employees, number of fiscal years. Property Profiling Information (Required) - Determine whether your organization is public, input your organization's demographic profiling information, and determine whether your organization has OMWBE Certified state.

Further certification information (optional) - Locate any further certification your organization has. Enterprise Site Information (Required) - Specify the contact information you want to list as Enterprise Site Information. Once you have completed all the necessary boxes, click the Next buttons to go to the 2 of 4 Sellers page, where you can enter extra contact information for your account.

Supplementary leads do not have permission to change supplier profiles, but they can see the bidding options. Enter the name of the person to be contacted and the e-mail adress. The Supplier is obliged to choose at least one goods number for his supplier description (see search hints on page 1 of this document). Goods classifications include goods, services and construction-related work.

Merchandise code is in most cases a wide range of goods and/or service categories, so please pick the merchandise code that best suits your business. Type a code word to browse for related product code. Press the Find Buttons. Once the results of your query come back, check the results page and browse to the code you want to include in your subscription.

This can be done by ticking the checkbox to the right of the barcodes. On the next monitor you will see the product numbers you have chosen. PLEASE NOTE: You can see the complete list of product numbers by following the links directly below the product number list field with the title "Show complete product number list".

Click on the Help hyperlink in the top right of your computer monitor for searching hints. Sellers are obliged to choose the countries for which they are prepared to supply goods and/or deliver them. Choose the countries from the dropdown box. WEBS sends the user(s) an e-mail with his/her username (e-mail address) and his/her passwort.

Suppliers have the option of adding product code (s) that include the goods and service their business offers or is willing to offer to the state. In order to find goods, type a catchword (or catchwords) and click the Search button. Trade Construction Unclassified.

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