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homepage Williamsburg Area Bicyclists is a leisure cycling association located in Williamsburg, Va. From beginners to advanced cyclists, we provide a wide range of riding possibilities. Have a look at our driving calendar to find a trip that suits your needs! When you are a member, login with your user name and passphrase to gain full use of our member-only functions, such as a message board, a cue sheet collection, and accessing other information about the member area.

Please click here for a movie about our association and cycling in Williamsburg!

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Web site is a web site developed specifically to bring together information from different resources such as email, online communities and web searching in a unified way. Versions of the gateways provide mash-ups and corporate storefronts for executive and managerial staff. To what degree contents are presented "uniformly" may vary depending on the intention of the users and the application as well as the variety of contents.

Often the focus of the theme is on a specific "metaphor" for configurating and adapting the way contents are presented (e.g. a Dashboard or Map) and the selected deployment frame or source library. Furthermore, the roles of users in a company can define which contents can be added to the main entrance or removed from the main entrancefiguration.

It can use the Web browser's Applications Program Interface Interfaces (APIs) to enable searching for Internet contents, as distinct from searching for Internet contents, by limiting which domain (s) can be browsed. In addition to this general function of searching for information, web sites can also provide other types of service such as e-mail, breaking news, share prices, information from data bases and even entertaining contents.

Gateways enable companies and organisations to deliver a unified look and feel with accessibility controls and processes for a number of different apps and data bases that would otherwise have been different web entities at different web sites. Early web portal publishers included AOL, Excite, Netvibes, iGoogle, MSN, Naver, Lycos, Prodigy, Indiatimes, Rediff, and Yahoo!

For example, see Yahoo!'s "My Yahoo!" function, which may have been the inspiration for functions such as the later Google "iGoogle" (discontinued on November 1, 2013.) The customizable page spaces, such as those of the Opera state-of-the-art web site and the "speed dial" page options offered by most web sites, still mirror the former Yahoo! portals subtype.

At the end of the 90s, the web portals were a catchword for web IT. Following the spread of web browser in the end of the 90s, many enterprises tried to construct or purchase a web site to gain a stake in the web marketing area. This web site attracted particular interest because for many web browser visitors it was the point of departure for their web browser when it was configured as the home page.

Contents and brands of a website may be changed by the merger or acquisition of online businesses. The Netscape became part of America Online, the Walt Disney Company started Go.com, IBM and others started Prodigy (-user only.) Portals are metaphors commonly used by publics libraries for lenders with a user account and by universities student and lecturer onlinets.

For ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), verticals continue to exist that provide corporate and governmental GRC and riskmanagement issues with corporate and managerial staffing " Dashboards " intranets. Sometimes web gateways are categorized as either horizontally or vertically. It uses a single unified entry point as a single point for several enterprises in the same business enterprise or for the same producers or traders.

It is a specialised access to a particular slot or sector of activity, field of expertise or interest. 2 ] Some verticals are called " verticals information gateways " (VIPs). Visitors to our site are offered access to the latest information, editing contents, publishing and e-commerce features. Unlike conventional vertically-facing gateways, personalities also offer vibrant multi-media apps such as online community sharing, online community sharing, online community sharing, online community sharing, video posting and blogging.

An individual web site is a web page on a World Wide Web site or a HTML home page with JavaScript that may run in a Web browser that has been customized. An individual web site offers its users or its users personalised functions and offers a way to other contents.

Furthermore, enterprise gateways can be conceived for shared use and cooperation at the workplace. Another business-oriented demand on websites is the presentation of contents on various plattforms such as PCs, laptop PCs, desktop PCs, PC tablets, PCs, Personal Data Centres (PDAs), mobile telephones and mobile telephones. Information, messages and updating are samples of contents that can be provided via such a gateway.

Face-to-face sites can relate to a particular subject, such as sharing information with your buddies on a community networking site or linking to external information that can help others outside your service area. Portal are not restricted to the provision of hyperlinks. Beyond the users of the Internet very often simple portal are substituted by more extensive mash-up-themes.

Early enterprise gateways were often superseded by much more efficient desktop dashboards. It can be seen as a contemporary web site. By the end of the dotcom bubble in the 90s, many countries had already made a commitment to create websites for their people. Among these were both prime gateways to governement and gateways designed for certain sectors (e.g. a particular ministerial office, division or agency) or for certain sub-sectors (e.g. seniors, parent, post-secondary student, etc.).

Example governments web sites are: australia.gov. au for Australia. Europe (web portal) provides access to all EU agency and institution sites as well as news release and audio-visual contents of news conference. gov. uk for UK business & businesslink.gov. uk for UK business. The EU healthcare website brings together all European healthcare issues. india.gov. in for India.

Culture gateways bundle digitized culture collection of art galeries, librarians (see: Bibliotheksportal ), archive and museum. It is a kind of gateway to unseen web culture contents that cannot be indicated by default web browsers. Digitized collection may contain digitized copies or photographs of works of art, photographs, magazines, newspapers, cards, abstracts, diaries as well as correspondence, as well as digitized musical data, audio records, movies and archival web sites, and the narrative data associated with each kind of work ( e.g., information on the writer, publishing house, etc.).

Often, these gateways are built on a particular set of nationally or regionally owned institutional groups. The following are just a few instances of culture portals: DigitaleNZ - A culture gateway under the direction of the New Zealand Library that focuses on New Zealand digitised contents. The Europeana - A culture gateway for the European Union, located in the Netherlands Library and managed by the Europeana Foundation.

The National Library of Australia has created a culture gateway that focuses on Australia contents. TUT. by - A business culture website focusing on Belarussian electronic music. Due to the increase in scale and intricacy of the intranet, enterprise Web masters face growing issues with regard to Web site contents and administration. Confirmation of a consolidating version of corporate information was considered inadequate and respondents wanted personalisation and customisation.

If they were sufficiently qualified, the webmaster could provide some features, but in most cases they prevented the user from using the web site. A lot of organizations started offering webmaster software to help administrators easier organize their information, apps and information by giving different web site visitors customized viewing options. Portals can also encompass work flow managment, workgroup or branch cooperation, and policy-driven publishing of context.

As the number of user-generated items (blog postings, commentaries, photos), fragmented information storage bins and files grows, information architect and taxonomist are being asked to allow visitors to mark (classify) them. Tags make it easy for you to find the contents you are interested in.

Eventually, this will lead to a wave effect where user will also generate ad hoc navigations and information streams. Company websites also provide self-service facilities for clients and staff. Known also as financial exchanges sites, financial exchanges sites or financial exchanges sites, are web-based tools that facilitate the shareholder information flow with comprehensive online information such as the current quote, requests/offers, the latest news, articles and notifications.

A number of financial sites use online gateway via a centralised custody system (CDS) for the visitor (Ram) to buy or buy or resell their stocks or administer their portfolios. The results of several different searching machines are combined on one page by means of various retrieval platforms. They can find specialised real estate portal for a specific type of products.

Database retrieval gateways in libraries are also referred to as discovery interfaces. e.g., they are used to retrieve information from a database. Housing research gateways collect information about housing offered for sales by realtors. Zoopla, Rightmove, Nestoria and Nuroa are UK example projects. Propertini are an example in the USA. An RFx site is a site for governments to submit bids for the provision of goods and related service.

RFx gateways enable the user to retrieve, change, transmit, verify and store information to enable a full online RFx procedure. Within the framework of online allocation, tenderers may use one of the following options: Get the bidding documentation online. Please fill in the form online. Place your bid online. Web portal hosting was gaining momentum and a number of businesses began to offer it as a hosting services.

Hosting the wholesale and retail markets has radically transformed the way websites are built. Early hosting gateways such as Hyperoffice.com and the discontinued InternetPortal.com concentrated not only on distributing company information but also on cooperation and planning. Web hosting has become more popular, so its functionality has increased to encompass hosting services such as database, content delivery, e-mail, discussion and more.

Hosting sites personalise contents created from their module based sites in order to offer their visitors a personalised site to visit. At the same time, they have stayed faithful to the initial objectives of the former company web portal. Nascent new class of web portal applications known as cloud portal applications demonstrate the capabilities of API (Application Programming Interface) enabled SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) enabled web based applications and user-defined messaging to enable machine-to-machine interactions and create a more fluent usability environment for linking across different domain names during a given "session".

Dedicated platforms such as Nubifer Dedicated Portal demonstrate what can be done with Enterprise Mashup and Web Service Integrations to build Dedicated Portal. There are a number of websites that have emerged that are dedicated to a particular field and provide accessibility to associated businesses and related service providers; a perfect example of this would be the emergence of realty portals that provide accessibility to service providers such as realty brokers, relocation firms and attorneys providing ownership transfers.

Similarly, industry-specific message and information gateways have emerged, such as the gateway for hospital studies. Our basic idea is to present the users with a unique web page that combines or aggregate contents from a number of other platforms or server. Gantry configuration with high capacitance can contain peak balance strategy.

In fact, for Portals that present applications functions to the users, the front end of a Web site Web site Web site is the front end of a Web site Web site configuration that contains some kind of connection to the Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web site Web. However, the host that hosts the gateway can only be a "Pass Through" for the end-customer. The use of port-lets allows the presentation of any number of pages in the website.

With such a redesign, competing endpoints' safety and capability can be important aspects, and safety engineers must make sure that only authorised and authorised endpoints can make queries to the applicationserver. Unless sufficient authentification and authorisation is provided by the secure architecture and administrative system, the portals may unintentionally be vulnerable to various kinds of attack.

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