Wallpaper and Themes for Android Phone

Background image and themes for Android Phone

Smarter way to use your phone or tablet. The God Live wallpaper varies with your device. Lively and interesting on your Android device." An adaptable, beautiful live background with pre-built themes and dynamic music visualizations. Either allows you to customize dials for your Android Wear device.

Select " ""Designs", select a theme, and then touch " " ".

The Easter Chrome Topics

It is a feast day for Easter, so it only makes perfect sense that there are so many colourful Chrome and Android Easter wall papers and themes to help you get the most out of your vacation. Do you love Easter rabbits and Easter balls? You will be pleased to know that there are many topics they contain.

Surely you can also find this with an Android Easter backdrop or chromes theming. Whatever you're looking for, there's a topic for you. Keeping the keys is to find something that will help you get the most out of your vacation and party the fact that it' s springtime. Merry Easter!

Chrome is one of the most widely-used web browsers in the entire planet, thanks not least to a user's capacity to customise it. These include web browsing themes that can display anything you want, even vacation pictures. Many kinds of Easter Android themes and background images are available to match the different kinds of mobile phone that contain the OS.

One thing is for sure - they will all give you a breathtaking new backdrop full of colour and vibrancy. There are even some backgrounds that are alive, with movable items and other interaction to really put you in the vacation world. Featuring everything from Easter eggs android backgrounds to rabbit motifs and more, it's Easter season to give your machine a complete Easter decor.

You don't see a chest topic or Easter Android topic that you like?

ASUS ROG Phone wallpaper downloading

ASUS ROG Phone is the first Android smart phone from ASUS with an ASUS focusing on games. Certainly this phone will certainly charge you a nice cent when it finally comes on the market outside China, but for those of you who want to spend the look of the phone without a cent, you can now get the background images, full backgrounds and design of the ROG Phone.

This wallpaper was taken from a hardware dock. It was recently sold in China and ASUS issued the China version of the software and distributed the Linux Kernel Sources. It is not known whether there will be extra background images when the unit is launched on the international market. Here you can see a previews of the background images below, but we suggest you click on the links if you want to see the full size screens.

Also there were some background pictures of the APK floor launch. We have 4 generically looking background images and 4 background images associated with the Free Fire Battle Royal series. Inside the software there is a wallpaper application named "GameModeLiveWallpaper". Obviously this background image changes the status when the player switches the play modus on the ROG phone.

The APK can be easily installed on any other unit, but it does not alter the status unless you are on the ROG phone. Fortunately, XDA Recognized Contributor has developed an accompanying application called Linuxct that behaves like a short-cut to switch the status of the real-time background. Both the APK wallpaper and the accompanying application from Linux can be downloaded below.

Hint: The Accompanying application is just a short cut to switch the status of the background, so there is no user interface to talk about. As soon as you have given this authorization, you can place the application symbol anywhere on your screen to switch the status of the background. Finally there is a preinstalled design for the ROG Phone available for downloading.

The design only works on ASUS ZenUI units because it was developed for the ASUS themes engines. So if you're a devotee of this phone and need a place to talk about it, we've opened a few discussion boards for the phone that you can view below. Phones should be introduced on an international basis, hopefully by the end of this year.

The ASUS has already verified that the product will be imported into the United States and India. Found local starter configuration for the unit in China, Indonesia, India, Japan, Russia, Taiwan and the USA.

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