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On this page you will find details and results of our analysis on the domain kajal.sex.telugu.wap.net.

WAP.NET is a library that provides access to WAP functions on Windows Mobile platforms with .NET CF (Compact Framework).

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Enables the user to listen to and listen to song and song clips. There are two main parts, one for cp3 ( audiosongs ) and one for cp4 ( videosongs ). Categorized as op3, the tracks are sorted by vintage, alphabet, vocalist and collection. There is also an optional feature in the MP34 section where the user can select a song according to the year of its publication.

There' also the possibility to select tracks to be downloaded according to the alpha, but that's all. Audiosongs allows the user to choose between 48 knots (lowest quality), 128 knots (most popular quality) and 320 knots (lossless and highest quality) music. Of course, 48 knots per second are the smallest and 320 knots the highest.

However, in the Videosong section there is only the MP3 file which is usually small in terms of dimensions and sound and is therefore suited for smaller OSDs.

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