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Create a Wap Site

Build WAP / WML sites for mobile phones and PDAs by filling out a simple form. Create a Wireless Web (WAP) site for your small business. So, click Add/Create Site to create a website for your small company, or simply include the website you have in the folder and create a WAP Web wireless copy of it. The WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is a set of specification that makes it easy to create, transmit, and view small websites that can be viewed on cell phone, PDA, and other cordless device.

Conventional web pages are created with HTML, WAP pages with WML (Wireless Markup Language). You can only view WAP pages in a WML-enabled Web Browser. The majority of cell telephones and handhelds have built-in WAP web browser, so once you have enabled your cell telephones or PDA's Wi-Fi connection, you should be prepared to begin surfing the Wi-Fi world.

Displaying WAP pages on a computer most likely requires the installation of an extra web navigator, as the two most common web navigators, IE and Firfox, do not fully understand WML. Opera is the most widely-used Windows WAP/WML-enabled web browsing application. A number of special WML authorsing tools and websites also exist that contain emulators that can be used to display WAP/WML pages.

The W3Schools WAP / WML Tutorial is a good place to begin if you want to get to know how to spell WAP/WMLites.

Creating a simple mobile WAP site

It may all seem like an engineer talking to you, but the most important thing to keep in mind is that WAP allows a mobile to connect to the web. You do this via the web browsers on your mobile phones. With a WAP web browsers, a mobile telephone can do basically the same things as your computer on the web, but with accommodation for the smaller display included on a mobile telephone.

However, if you have ever tried to visit a website that is not a WAP site, you will see how hard this is. Websites that are strong in graphs or contents just don't perform well on the smaller display phones. On the other ubiquitous side, WAP websites are created and dynamic conversions made using Wireless Markup Language and are therefore readily accessible to the WAP web browsers of cellular phones.

WAP pushing can be done by entering the simple address in your reply messages in an interacting text messaging application. Incorporating a text messaging link into a text allows users to instantly browse a website by clicking the "Go To" icon on their mobile phones.

This website is then called up in the user's web browsers. Use of the Mobile Web Wizard does not incur any extra costs beyond the normal price of the bundle.

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