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Now Wats the Time

So what time is it in Britain now? Maps of Great Britain, time zone names and time in major cities. Maps of Kuwait time zone boundaries. Timezone converter by location. Accurate time in London time zone now.

But what is GMT or ATC time?

Meteorological observation around the globe (including superficial, radial and other observations) is always carried out in relation to a reference time. Conventionally, the meteorological community of the globe uses a 24-hour watch, similar to the "military" time base on the 0 length long grain of the Greenwichmeridian. Before 1972 this time was known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), but today it is known as Coordinated Universal Time or Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

This is a co-ordinated timeframe managed by the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM). This is also referred to as "Z time" or "Zulu time". In order to obtain your time here in the United States, you must deduct a certain number of additional hour from your time zone, based on how many time zone you are from Greenwich (England).

In the following chart you can see the default deviation from ATC time to LTC time. Switching to summer time has no effect on ATC. Refer to the time on the zero or Greenwich meridian that is not set to take into account changes in summer or summer time. But you need to know what happens during summer time in the United States.

Briefly, the locale time is shifted by one additional clock during summer time. For example, the Eastern Time Zones and Ultra Time zones differ by -4 hrs during summer time and not -5 hrs during normal time.

Wrong timestamp on message

When the time stamp shown on your incoming message or the last viewed time of your friend is wrong, please verify the time and time zones on your telephone. It is recommended that you change the date and time to Automatic or Network provided. If this is turned on, your wireless service operator will adjust your telephone to the time.

When the wrong time is shown even if the option is active, there may be a problem with your workstation. To work around the problems, please change your date and time preferences and adjust your time zones by hand. Please note: The time zones are different from the real time. Be sure to choose the right time zones for your site.

In order to set your time zones for your telephone please complete these steps: Navigate to Preferences > Date & Time. iPhone: Navigate to Preferences > General > Date and Time. Navigate to Preferences > Time & Language > Date & Time. For Nokia S40: Go to Menu > Preferences > Date and Time > Date and Time Preferences.

Make sure that "Auto-Update of time" is selected to "off": Navigate to Option > Display > Date and Time. WhiteBerry 10: Go to System Preferences > Date and Time. And if you don't know your time zones, you can use this website to find out.

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