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Topics listed See my older threads for information on how to make movie sheets and especially how to use the movie sheet data files. All of the above topics have different gallery views, but have the same user-defined preview, small grid, large grid, and list views. In particular, please see point 10 regarding the use of rating ^ tricks, so that the Movie Sheet is displayed first when using the Movie Sheet tree.

Some bugfixes, especially the positioning of the arrow in the different modes and the symbol for the medium types have been shifted down a bit to stop the error where the top of the symbol would be truncated when scrolling. The design works with BEIDEM or sub-data, if you have not used movie sheets, you can still use the design and the sub-data will be displayed.

It' s noteworthy that if you run the built-in scrapers to re-scan information about a film, it will override your customized video name cover box with the native video variant, however, this is not a big thing since you could use it anyway, or simply re-create the cover box with thumbs.

My suggestion is that it's best to surf with files instead of using the green ALL key on the remote to select the display. You can scroll with ALL if the film sheet allows transparence at the bottom or the design is reworked to take this into account.

From the menu, push the green button to enter the filtering and sort menu. It is filtered by rating and since the film sheet contains no rating, it is always displayed first!!!!!! This means that you can push'PLAY' with the Hub's RCU while you are on the film sheet and the film begins to play!

Notice that you are using the "Play" and "NOT 'Enter" buttons. CREDIT also goes to Juliojs, Limbabe, Zballz, Hell3ond, Tinwarble, Bradl79 and Firewalltix for their work on topics and customized Views, this topic is mainly a mixture of the entire work of the genuine topics above, with a small part of my work tossed into the open.

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