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To those of you who found us on this AGT trip, we sincerely hope you'll stay close.

To those of you who found us on this AGT trip, we sincerely hope you'll stay close. Can' t really await what comes next. Whatever happens this evening, this trip has transformed our life and we are eternally thankful! It was a pleasure to be sharing this side of us with all of you this evening.

It is now opportune to proceed to the voting. Can' t wait till we get to the next track this evening to be shared with all of you.

Home | Würth Elektronik (Wurth Electronics) Group

Würth Elektronik is a legal entity of the Würth Group, an internationally active group of enterprises. Würth Elektronik Group encompasses the following divisions and companies: Wuerth Elektronik eiSos is one of the European leaders in the manufacture of electrical and mechanical equipment. EMV-equipment, condensers, chokes, HF inductivities and LTCC-components, transformer, component for current loop protective systems, output devices, LED's, plug connections, switch, power element in press-fit and mounting techniques.

We have 16 manufacturing sites around the word, guaranteeing full design-in technical assistance, free sample testing and component deliveries anywhere in the word. Wuerth Elektronik mbE is a specialized supplier of custom EMC and inductive solutions for OEM application and e-mobility and has been a privileged supplier to the OEM market for over 35 years.

Our range of products comprises customer-specific bar cores and specialist reactors, high-current inductor, automobile ferrite, performance inductor and accumulator reactors. Wurth Electronics Midcom is a global leading company in the design and manufacture of transformer and solenoid solutions. One of our particular strengths is our ability to concentrate on developing products to meet our customers' specific requirements.

Among other applications, the products are used in the fields of LEDs and CFL illumination, smartgrid, metering, home automation, industry electronic, as well as controller and security technology. Stelvio Kontek S.p.A. Stelvio Kontek is a provider of standardized and customer-specific connector products, wire-to-board connector products, I/O connector products, cable ties, circuit breakers and sensor products.

Würth Elektronik eiSos is expanding its portfolio with low-power ISM/SRD radio frequency diode (RF) module offerings and offering high-efficiency radio frequency diode array devices in various Bluetooth and WLAN M-Bus formats, including 169 MHZ, 433MHZ, 868MHZ, 915MHZ and 2 programmable radio frequency controllers. Wuerth Elektronik Zircuit board Technology (CBT) has become one of the European leaders in the manufacture of PCBs.

Wuerth Elektronik ICS designs and produces PCB-based system approaches for signalling and energy distributions, electrical controls, displays and operator interfaces. Our clients from the industrial, building and agriculture sectors as well as utility and custom vehicle manufacturers can count on a broad spectrum of products ranging from basic modules to entire system packages. Besides the already existing PCB termination techniques such as press-fitting and brazing, the SKEDD technique provides an innovation to directly and reversibly connect PCBs.

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