Weaver Wordpress Theme

The Weaver Wordpress Theme

This is the original and still the best fully customizable WordPress theme. Twilight the original option-based theme. Xtreme Weaver Theme - A theme to create them all.

Make the page of your dream! This is the orginal and still the best fully adaptable WordPress theme. "Weaver Xtreme is one of the industry's most reactive forum for support" allows you to build the ultimate customized website - without being a programmer. We' are proud to announce the availability of Weaver Xtreme version 4.0 with many interesting new functions designed to make web design more contemporary and more comprehensive.

Probably the greatest innovation is the new WordPress Guttenberg editor, which will become the most important WordPress editor later in 2018. The addition of a full theme with Gutenberg (and Weaver Xtreme is probably the very first theme available in the WordPress Themes Repository to offer full support) provides a much more immersive user interface as well.

Have a look at the samples of pages created with Gutenberg and Weaver Xtreme: The Weaver and Welcome to Gutenberg demos contained in the Gutenberg plug-in. See What's New in Weaver Xtreme 4.0 for a full listing of new functions. You can also get a free plug-in that adds over 100 new functions and settings to Weaver Xtreme.

Have a look at Weaver Xtreme Plus HERE.

Weber Xtreme

One Theme to Them All. Rather than spend countless hours trying to find the right topic, you can build the website you want! The Weaver Xtreme 4 release is the climax of more than 8 years of evolution and the expertise of ten thousand people. Weaver Xtreme's free edition contains functions and choices that are premier add-ons to other topics.

There is no other theme that offers you the full toolset to build the website of any kind: blogs, businesses, photography, organisation, CMS, everything! Weaver Xtreme allows anyone to build their own website. Topics include: fast-reacting - automated portable styling; simple full-width styling; featured image viewing capabilities; rich and customizable side bars and widgets; video headers, fixed top menus, context-sensitive help; rich user side help; rich user side translation for more than 20 supported programming languages; WP Multisite; new WP Wide and Full Algnments supported; built-in Gutenberg and Page Builders like Elementor and SiteOrigin supported; plug-in functionality, includes woocommerce.

Topic screenshots are just one possible point of departure - more than 20 more finished sub-themes are available. As soon as you've tried Weaver Xtreme, you won't be able to give up the liberty of complete throttle. View a demonstration of all functions on the Weaver Xtreme demonstration.

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