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Get over 7000 premium website templates, web templates, flash templates and more! Select from over 200 Premium Web 2.0 templates from the #1 source for Web 2.0 templates. Template Web 2.

0 Free Website Templates 32.43KB. Templates Web 2.0 are ideal for a business website templates that are affordable but functional.

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I' m very satisfied with the work and amount of patience they have invested in my artwork and the results of their work. Imaginative website templates includes compelling templates, HTML5, CSS & jQuery website templates, individual page website templates, Flash templates, e-commerce website templates, Wordpress templates, Joomla templates, Facebook templates and more!

The latest templates are state-of-the-art in web graphics and technologies and include stunning functions such as homepage introduction slide show animation powered by jQuery, interesting page transition, easy-to-use context menu system for fast update and revision, dropdown menu, picture gallery, customized font, full frame wallpaper, contacts, Google map, community network symbols, rolling over effect, picture gallery and much more!

Web 2.0 Design - Joomla Template

Every web designer's first demand is to have a good looking and high performing website. This is why an impressing web page layout is necessary and we believe that Joom will meet these demands. The Joom is our second commercially available web developer specific templates for web developers.

The Joom design is contemporary and Web 2.0 styled with six colours like white, black, green, white, yellow, orange, white, gold and amber. We have integrated Joom Slide 2, a high-performance item slideshow plug-in, into this presentation. Integrate also a basic picture galleries engine that helps you to display all pictures from one folder.

This is a lightweight and feature-rich templates application for Helix. It' s so simple to develop and manage your own templates for you and your customers. With the Helix web site creation tool, your website creation experiences will be much more seamless than ever before. We' ve reviewed all popular browser versions to make the templates work.

Develop it to support today's most popular web browser. Don't miss any of our new template and extension upgrades and all the amazing deals we have in store for you.

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