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In spite of the increasing spread of apps that cover all conceivable needs, the web browser remains a central component of modern life. Web browser is a software program that allows a user to find, access, and display Web pages. Android Web Browser is the free web browser. Browser is software that is used to access the Internet.

browser definition

Web browser, or just "browser", is an app that allows you to browse and display Web sites. Popular web browser types are Microsoft Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. A web browser's main feature is rendering HTML, the HTML that is used to create or "tag" web pages. Every times a browser downloads a Web page, it handles the HTML that can contain text, hyperlinks, and pointers to pictures and other elements such as Cascading style sheets and JavaScript features.

These elements are edited by the browser and then render in the browser pane. Earlier web browser like Mosaic and Netscape Navigator were basic tools that gave HTML, handled forms entries and helped with bookmarking. With the development of web sites, the demands on the web browser have also increased. Today's browser is far more sophisticated, and supports various kinds of HTML (such as XHTML and HTML 5), JavaScript dynamics, and encoding used by secured Web sites.

State-of-the-art web browser features allow web designers to build high-interactivity web sites. Ajax, for example, allows a browser to refresh information on a website without having to refresh the page. Progress in the use of CSS allows browers to view an appealing website layout and a variety of different styles of appearance.

A cookie allows a browser to save your preferences for certain Web sites. Whilst web browser technologies have come a long way since Netscape, browser interoperability problems still are. Due to the fact that different browser types use different rendering engine, Web sites may not look the same in different browser types. Sometimes a website may work well in one browser, but not in another.

Therefore it is advisable to have more than one browser installed on your computer so that you can use an alternative browser if necessary. The page contains a web browser specification. You may find this web browser definitions useful by using the quotation link above.

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