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The Jimdo iOS App - Make website creation portable Jimdo's iPhone app was released on August 21, 2013, and we believe it's an important accomplishment that underscores the fact that Jimdo is one of the industry's premier website building companies. It' a truly portable website builder that lets you create a website from the ground up with a portable Apple appliance (iPad, iPhone, iPod) and manipulate all your contents when you're not sitting in front of your computer.

Here's what Fridtjof Detzner (one of Jimdo's founders) has to say about the new app on Siliconrepublic.com: What is so special about the Jimdo iPhone App? Certainly there are other website developers out there that have iPhone applications (like Weebly), but what makes the Jimdo iPhone app very special is that Weebly only allows you to organize your blogs via your portable app.

With Jimdo, you can actually create and manage your whole website. You can see it makes living with a portable website creator so much more comfortable - and Jimdo really does deliver here. Here's an insight into how the app actually works when you create your website: The new Jimdo features are just one of many enhancements Jimdo has made in recent years.

While Jimdo remains a leader in the development of multilingual functionality (introduction of Turkic in May 2013 - now Jimdo has 12 languages), the introduction of HTML5 technologies, the addition of new layout and customization of wallpapers by the user, etc., Jimdo also offers a wide range of other services. We are curious to see what new Jimdo will introduce in the near term!

How does an effective website work?

The reason we built this rating page is because we don't think website builders' rating pages have answered the question: "What do website users look for in a website? "In other words, what makes an efficient website? "The 3 rating criteria are important because more and more users are using cell phone to build webpages.

Telephones are the only devices available for website development for many around the globe. When an app cannot rival computer-based website creators in effectiveness in the core area, it will eventually fall through. SimDif's multilingual and goal-oriented Web site creation paradigm makes it perfect for individuals around the globe who need an efficient Web experience.

You can really use the advanced functions of our website to create sites for your customers and your web site developers. Weebly is not full, but still an incredibly powerfull website builder to invest in a telephone. Plenty of instructions and utilities to help you get your website recognized by searching machines. Even better, there would be an alternate to drag-and-drop authoring.

Many of the utilities that can help your website be efficient are only available in Jimdo Desktop. Extremely simple and fast to operate. Quite peculiar because most of the important utilities have both captions and symbols, which makes learning easier. Simple on the iPad and extraordinarily simple on the iPhone, that's why we gave it the full "ease of use" sign.

Simple to pick up and use. Many times there are several and simple ways to do something. This is the only app that creates sites in the same way on all plattforms - iPOS, Android and Compute. How does an effective website work? It is a matter that we think website developers should be more interested in than anyone else.

Searchengines probably take more notice of this issue than anyone else. When a website gives its users what they are looking for and can be found in searchengine results, you can say that it is an efficient website. So why should a website builder be so concerned about this one?

Now, think about this question: "Can this website builder build an efficient website? "Or, a little longer, "Can this site builder help me build a site that gives people what they're looking for? When a website builder has pockets full of functions, looks nice, and even when it's simple and entertaining to use, but it doesn't help me to build a website that gives its users and of course the searching machines what they're looking for, then all the trouble of picking a website builder and building a website with it will have been in futile hands.

When you wonder what it is that website users actually look in a website, take a look at the following 2 pages that are at the top of Google's results for search: "What do folks want in a website? So why do we check Website Builder applications?

Globally, cell telephones are by far the dominating gate to the web and many of the world's top developers have moved many of their most favorite work and production assets to them. A lot of web surfers all over the globe have just got web connectivity through their mobiles.

More and more web surfers want to be able to share the same information and do much of the same work they used to do only on their desktop and laptop. Nearly without exceptions is the sale talk of the Website-Maker applications "Make a website in 5mins", "It's a piece of cake" etc..

And the same applies to the computer-aided website builder. Well-balanced features, instructions and usability offer the best opportunity for you to become competent in your discussions with website viewers and searching machines. That' s why, in a class where every app comes with a straightforward and uncomplicated Website-Maker on a portable device, we put particular emphasis on its capacity to help the user get the right information across and achieve a genuine outcomes.

To put it another way, it's not just about how simple, how funny etc. is. A slippery, elegant look, quick to build and simple to change. Website to help explaining the organization of an exhibition, creating special photographic gallery, etc. Just as important as the contents themselves is the pace and easiness with which users grasp the organization of the site.

Attendees need to pick something up, make a choice and then make contact or buy something. A website that is able to administer many people and direct them to certain parts of the website. If you need a sophisticated website, then a Site Builder on a portable device is not for you (at least not yet).

In the near term, you need a pro programmer to help you, or at least a web site builder with comprehensive features and studies and research on your part. We expect that Site Builder Apps end user will do more and more the same as computer website builder users:

Build a website for commercial or work-related use, sharing your interests, hobby and skills on a topic. Most Webbuilder people are not professionals and will not want to waste valuable resources on webdesigning. That' why we chose to evaluate the Website Maker apps from 3 different perspectives.

Can Website Builder help you create an efficient website?

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