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A simple way to build a good looking shop with a reliable backend. Top 10 tools to create websites that will help you go live. Square Space follows the templates paradigm; a large and diverse set of choices backed by neat and up-to-date layout, with true versatility that' s directly incorporated, which means you're free to choose. Thanks to a rich yet appealing graphical environment, it's simple to create very professionally looking multi-page sites.

With a full array of levels stretching from lightweight face-to-face users to serious multi-page e-commerce sites, Square Space has the power to expand with your company.

Models are a thing of the past - you need the liberty to create what you want, and Semplice is the easy tools you've been looking for. Voog Slick-looking provides customizable and customizable template, and where it misses some of the versatility, tools and functionality of some of the others mentioned here, it is also the only one that provides adequate multilingual assistance.

There is a smaller but fully reactive set of 10 originals with start points and an extra possibility to wipe the schist and create your own if you wish. With over 10,000 sites, SiteBuilder is the template leader and offers fast and simple page creation with a minimal outlay.

When you don't have enough spare manpower to adapt, you should be able to find something that suits your needs. This site provides an e-mail facility with the domainname you select on the Pay-for-Tiers, and there is assistance for sending e-mails to your friends, with the add-on of an eBook that explains how to make the most of the function, which should turn out to be great for those of us who are not exactly technically minded.

Format aims to create web sites for talented individuals. Offered themes are neat, easy and there is a 14-day free evaluation version, the possibility to simply manipulate contents, and a broad range of available template choices. Since Format is primarily meant for portals, it does not contain any e-commerce or e-mail option with domains, but concentrates on presenting your images and video as elegant as possible with a minimal amount of specialized knowledge and providing the functionality of password-protected pages at the professional and agency level.

With the number of available patterns, Wix goes into the city, with uses that range from restaurant to wedding to your own resume. When you want to get things back to square one, Wix provides an empty board, but it should be noted that once you've chosen one, you're trapped, so it's worth trying a few before you choose a one.

Wix is all about drag-and-drop with its template, so it' s easy to add it. Whilst the lowest level of 2.55/month is low priced, Wix doesn't provide the infinite bandwith and space provided by others like Cindr, so you'll pay 14/month before you're able to manage the kind of volume of data you're likely to be after - if you want your company to succeed.

Weebly has received some very good ratings for another template-based drag-and-drop site building tool. As with all items in this table, it is not necessary to know anything about coding - just how to use the pointer and keypad. With Weebly you can make multi-page sites and there is no limit to the number of pages you can make - not even on the free layer.

Weebly is definitely not a poor option if you are looking for a website building tool that is quick but adaptable to your company growth. As the UKýs most popular website creator, Siteey provides dozens of template files that are drag-and-drop friendly and handy, along with an extremely user-friendly interface. Simplified Web site optimization (SEO) and Google Analytics means you can both increase your site visit rate and track who is actually using your site, and easier accessibility of e-commerce tools and inclusion are just some of Sitey's other features.

Site Hosted by GoDaddy also provides a toolset for building your own website - again using the templating style, but with as many templating as possible to compensate for fewer customization choices. GoDaddy's levels are inexpensive and incorporate many of the standard features of other website building service such as advanced search engine optimization (SEO) and sufficient bandwith.

At the top level you even get a ''Social Mediamanager'' level and a free SSL e-commerce SSL Certificates - which keeps your site transaction safe when you're not using Paypal. The Grid is not yet fully up and running, but promises to open "soon" and provides "self-designing AI websites".

In addition, you receive a commercial search engines (if available), individual domainsupport and up to seven different Sites.

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