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"The Web.com group earns a net income." Learn why you can create Web applications and services that run on Windows, Linux, and MacOS using C#, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

ASP.NET C# Web Development - Jose Mojica

The C# was designed from the bottom up to be the primary programming interface for Microsoft's new .NET platform - and to rival Java. Web development C# for ASP.NET: QuickStart Guide is for beginners who have previous knowledge of writing in scripts but are not necessarily familiar with object-oriented programming languages.

On the basis of task-based samples and hundred of screen shots all sample codes are presented in the framework of ASP.NET for webmasters. During C# Web Developer for ASP.NET: QuickStart Guide doesn't try to explain everything about the .NET framework, it clearly tells you everything you need to know to get started with the C# family.

Webhosting, domain name registry!

Among our clients are familys, small home office users, incumbent and large enterprises who need dependable registrations of domains and web hostings. Confidence, qualtity and dependability have made us one of the biggest and most highly commended web hosters in the whole wide web. As we know, a real estate name lookup can be a huge job.

It can be hard to find the right name with all the different types of domainnames you can use. With our simple and intuitive Domainname Finder you will be guided through the entire registry procedure. Add default top-level and trademark protection with country-specific top-level protection such as .CA for Canada or .CO.UK for the UK.

On these endings we currently provide the following services for searching and registering domains: .COM,.NET,.ORG,.INFO,.BIZ,.CO.UK,.CA,.ME,.TV.

Web Services.NET Development - Alex Ferrara, Matthew MacDonald

Webservices will become a core enabling technologies for a variety of Internet-enabled apps, ranging from pure B2B messaging to portable computing to custom in-house solutions. Although there are several different utilities and plattforms that can be used to build Web service, Microsoft's .NET Framework and Visual Studio.NET provide developer with a high-performance utility.

The . NET framework was redesigned from the ground up to help facilitate the creation of Web service, and makes the job easier - developers find that jobs that took an hours to complete with the SOAP Toolkit only take a few min. Program.NET Web Service is a complete step-by-step guide that gives you the necessary skill set to build Web service applications that will be housed on the .NET Web Service Web site.

Designed for seasoned coders, this guide goes beyond the apparent functionalities of ASP.NET or Visual Studio.NET to give you a sound basis in the builders of Web service components and guides you step-by-step through the creation of your own. Starting from a thorough look at the Web service technology behind it, along with its advantages and constraints, Programming.NET Web Service describes the unmatched capabilities of the .NET framework that facilitate the creation of Web service, such as the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the name spaces used in .NET coding.

Packed with a wealth of sample codes in C#, the guide takes you through some of the most demanding aspects of Web service engineering, using proxying, marshaling intricate datatypes, state control, safety, performance Tuning, and cross-platform deployment. Posted for developers who are comfortable with the .NET framework and are interested in setting up industry web service, it is full of handy information and good old-fashioned tips.

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