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Continue chatting on your computer with Allo for web. Website-Design & Development 2. The User " means the Contracting Parties who acquired the Services and/or any persons who use the Services. CA shall endeavour to make the Services available at all Times and shall use its best endeavours to achieve 100% (one hundred per cent) "best effort" operating time.

CA is authorized to interrupt the services if the CA is endangered, damaged and/or obstructed or could become during the use of the services by the user. If CA is able to inform the User and/or support the User at any time during the period of User Suspending, CA agrees to make such information available.

The 11 CA offers a usage-based DSL access control system. The user accepts and consents that he is required to adhere to the generally recognised netiquette. 5.6 Impairs the use and enjoyment by CA User of web-related activities; 5.2. The user may not sell on or make available to third parties the following products or provide them without the explicit consent of CA.

The user recognises that third parties' suppliers of goods and sevices promote their goods and sevices on the CA website. Occasionally, Open ISP CC enters into partnership or alliance with some of these suppliers to make it easier for users to obtain these goods and provide these to them.

6. The user must pay CA 2 subscription fees per user per calendar month beforehand. Section 3 If payments are not made by the end of the last day of the last day of the last day of the last day of the last day of the last day of the last day of the first day of the last day of the last day of the first day of the last day of the month, the service shall be terminated immediately. It is an automatized procedure, automatized user notice in anticipation of the imminent termination of work.

Payment for all service is to be made to CA in South African Rands (ZAR). Irrespective of any interruption of the Service under this Agreement, the User shall continue to be responsible for all fees due during the interruption unless CA decides otherwise in written form in its absolute judgement.

Cancellation of the service The following cancellation deadlines shall be applicable for the immediate cancellation of a user in default: Cancellation 1 1 1 Kalendermonatliche K√ľndigung (only the 1. of each monthly or at any time in the preceding month) in writing for all benefits. The user may not sell on or make available to third parties any service that he may obtain from CA without the explicit consent of CA in writing.

Retrospective changes to the letter and the authorized templates may result in extra charges. Hosted charges are due each month in advanced. The annual fee for hosted content is limited to 11 month. Three websites will be capitalized once the full cost of developing them has been reimbursed. The charges for service can rise / fall from period to period.

Your 1 month web site fee will include on-going website maintenance, website bandwith and web site web site web site maintenance - up to a 1000 visitor per month and 5000 page impressions per year. No personal data will be passed on to third parties unless we have your consent.

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