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Discuss design trends and new digital marketing strategies. Aumcore, based in New York, is a digital marketing and web development agency. At Atomic Design & Consulting specializes in web design, email, SEO, search marketing, & social media services.

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Only very few brand names have the capacity to associate with humans at a lower levels. Meanwhile it is clear to everyone that the term design no longer just fits into the "beautification of objects". Each and every one of our experiences, both on-line and off-line, is perfect for getting in touch with us and solving a specific issue or meeting the needs that we have.....

There was a process: getting dressed, getting into the vehicle, driving, picking up, coming back, enjoying and eventually not forgetting to get back on schedule. One of the most succesful and beloved character in the American.... All of us have a good history, even if what we call a "good history" varies greatly from individual to individual.

I am a big supporter of the "Great Big Story" and follow them on all kinds of societal plattforms. Much has been said about the US generation, from the loose generation (who struggled in World War I) to the millennials. One of the "sandwich generations", however, was only recently found. Information graphics are one of the best ways to display information in graphic format.

Info Graphics for a Graphic designer means to create hundred of large and small items such as symbols, diagrams, graphics, button panels, etc. To all our fellow designers, here are.....

Top 25 agency blog posts you should read.

Given the information era, it only took a few mouse clicks to reach the biggest heads of the promotional industry. If you are looking for information or some inspiration, here are 25 blog posts of the agency you should be reading. The fully featured agency provides everything from content and creatives to searching and sourcing.

So it is not surprising that his blog is as diverse as it is revealing. Furthermore, users can browse by category such as "Mobile Marketing" and "Startup News". "As well as the outstanding texts, the blog offers some great pictorial contents, case histories and trends analysis. Put in simple terms, this agency knows its products - and brand names like McDonald's, Coca-Cola and Samsung offer validations.

Concerning his blog, Leo Burnett is a great source for the worldwide community and great inspiration. The Los Angeles-based agency concentrates on digitally driven merchandising, brands and emergent communications. His blog offers one-of-a-kind insights into consumers that are actually usable in today's developing world of creativity. Items like What is Emotional and Why is it Important? offer a truly original viewpoint that is as enjoyable as it is useful.

Consequently, Ogilvy is classified as the world's leading agency - and with good reasons. His blog is more of an entirely Immersive Mediaplatform than anything else. The blog covers everything from mobility, welfare and behavioural science to technology and the latest news, as well as enough green topics to last a life.

The Beyond Group is a design agency active worldwide, offering research and analysis, ideas development and information and design products andervices. Although not the most traditionally of all blogs, his blog is a great blend of messages, cultures, data, technology and design. The blog is always attracting our interest, from VR and design to agency live and even wearingable technology.

Hill Holiday is one of the biggest advertising companies in the UK with skills ranging from creating brands and creating multimedia to providing fully featured online marketing solutions. Agency's blog is an enlightening, fun mix of business trending, popular cultural analysis and visually rich material with lots of useful, green topics. Even if you do not directly engage in PR, the agency's blog is a treasure trove of information for marketing companies and advertising professionals of all kinds.

Ketchum offers actionable, enlightening insights from thought-provoking approaches to sector trend to detailed analysis of agency lives and cultures, regardless of your business area. The WPP does not have a conventional "blog", but a "reading room" with article on advertisement, marketing, digital, brands, PR and design. Whilst WPP posts a lot of contents on its own website, it also edits items posted by its senior management and subsidiaries on other websites such as Landor.

Y Media Labs, headquartered in SF, specialises in the development of consumers applications for some of the world's largest brand names. She is also one of the fasted expanding agency in the US and grew from concept in 2009 to over 270 staff in less than a decade. What's more, she's a global agency with a strong presence in the US. YML's blog is regularly refreshed to provide insights into the latest design and technological advances.

One of the world's leading design companies, IDEO is responsible for some of the world's best-known modern design. The IDEO is also known as a thought-leader in the field; what this agency is preaching often becomes part of the spirit of the times over the years. Her blog - named "The Octopus" - is full of thoughts about innovative design tendencies and their effects on our cultural heritage.

This is a must if you are interested in what design can actually achieve. AYIMA, headquartered in London, is a London agency specialising in online advertising, online advertising, online advertising, online advertising, online advertising, online advertising and SEO. Your blog contents revolve, little surprisingly, around these subjects. Here you will find plenty of useful tips on how to use your online advertising instead of jagged ideas. You' ll find out how to achieve high value lead sales from your online business, how to optimise your e-commerce taxonomy for your business, and how to get to know the state of the art in your online business.

Aumcore, headquartered in New York, is a digitally powered agency for web design and distribution. Its broad range of products and service is also mirrored in the width of its blog contents. Here you'll find everything from online market stats to advice on creating and using chat bots. is a New York-based agency with customers such as NFL, AOL and P&G.

The company provides its customers with a complete service spectrum that covers the whole spectrum of online experiences, from brands and design to blended media solutions, e-commerce and e-commerce. The blog therefore has a very wide scope, ranging from innovative design trending to hands-on how-tos. The Bowen is one of the world' s premier design agency boutiques headquartered in New York.

Though not exactly a productive editor, Bowen's blog has some powerful ideas and interesting insights. Stand out tracks contain this about emotive brand- building and contents and the need for design sympathy. We are a digitally based agency with customers like Band-Aid, Listerine and Roku. His blog is equally divided into thought processes and handy instructions.

Are you interested in using the potential of the GIF in your own advertising or in becoming more prolific at work? Then sign up for this blog. It is a new perspective on the agency paradigm with a key set of technically skilled founders/managers backed by an on-demand set of creative and engineering talents.

Consider it a dispersed agency. The blog is just as ambitioned and publishes several articles every months on subjects such as PPC and CMS as well. Whilst there are many food for thought, you should check it out for hands-on tips on how to market, socially minded and design. If we' re talking about brand-name music, what are we talking about?

DigitalLBi is the agency that was founded after the fusion of Digitalas and DigitalLBi in 2013. As a large agency with a worldwide reach, DigitalasLBi releases a great deal of information, sometimes more than once a working day. What's more, DigitalasLBi is a great place to be. Most of the blog will cover technical issues and thoughts that focus on design and engineering.

It''s real reading for anyone interested in the latest technologies and how they can affect their bottom line. Huge is one of the major US agents with over 1400 employees and a vast client base of Fortune 100 customers. She is also one of the biggest publishing houses among the agents. Actually, it doesn't even have a "traditional" blog.

A series of long-term readings on design and engineering. IronPaper is a global marketer that focuses on advanced technologies in the areas of digital signage, digital signage, digital signage, digital signage, digital signage, and mobile communications. Like you might have guessed, it has a powerful editorial footprint in its blog. They won't find much on the way to how-to contents.

Today she concentrates on design and consultancy. Nike's blog mainly includes its own curated article in agency journals and blog posts, such as this AdAge article on Nike's colourism. Subjects included mobility management, excellence, design and, of course, technologies. More than a hundred years old (founded in 1896 by James Walter Thompson), JWT is one of the largest agency in the industry with some of the longest customer relations in the industry.

In his blog, he divides his "thinking" - thought about everything from the distortion of sex in advertisements to changes in the form of retailing. Especially interesting are the regular PDF files she posts on her blog. One & Zero, a New York-based online agency, operates a blog about the latest developments in the fields of globalization, online entertainment, blogging, SEO, online media and more.

Contrary to many other blog posts on this page, this one has more handy tips on how to implement your online market. A large creativity agency that is part of the WPP Group is possible. In its blog entitled "Possible POV", the agency shared its thoughts on the largest topics from the fields of engineering, economics, design and the agency community.

So why should a designer be concerned with behavioural design? UsTwo, the product-oriented design agency, operates a great blog about design, doing bussiness and developing - all with spectacular lyceums. If you want a design-oriented perspective on the greatest topics in technology, design and the electronic realm, make it a permanent fixture on your readership.

What are your favourite blog posts from the agency?

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