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Footstep'design by','developed by','developed by','developed by'.

If you have someone create a website for you, it turns out to be standard usage for that "someone", usually a web programmer or web designers, to attach a "design by" or "website created by" page header to your website. Allow me to clarify: if they have not given you a rebate to include this hyperlink, you should completely delete the hyperlink.

Of course the answer is: Why do webmasters do this? They want everyone to know that they've created this particular website, and they use these page bottom line hyperlinks (if they're smart) to improve their ranking in searching machines. Fortunately, searching machines, especially Google, are conscious of this practise and are quite good at creating hyperlinks in footing lines of pages that don't work, but that doesn't alter the fundamental fact that the hyperlink shouldn't exist.

This upsets me because it abuses the fact that most folks who have created a website either for themselves or their business don't know the value of these hyperlinks. It' s the web designer who exploits the lack of knowledge of his client. In most cases a client who does not even know how to remove such a hyperlink.

Don't get me wrong; I' m not saying that webmasters and webmasters can' have these hyperlinks, they should just be very open about it and not make it a standard. When you are a client with bottom line hyperlinks on your website and it has not been reviewed with you, nor is it included in the agreement with your web creator or creator, you are welcome to remove it or, even better, request this one.

When you use a WordPress topic or a free templates containing one of these footing lines and you have it for free, I would keep it there because that's how you "pay" the designer/developer. When it has more than one link like this, or really spamming as it sometimes happens on unlegal topic pages, I would take them out myself immediately, or not use the topic at all.

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