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Fifty attractive HTML and CSS web templates for 2018 To take your design capabilities to the next notch, reduce website setup times, and just look more professionally, you need to buy a high-quality, reactive HTML template. Everyone runs around trying to follow the latest trend: slim design, but before the slim design there was an appealing web design. Of course Responsive's web design has become the norm. If a web design clients is not specifically looking for a fast responding website, it goes without saying that you as a web design or web design engineer have to constantly provide fast responding websites. So here are the 50 best website, administration, upcoming and under build HTML template that will help you accelerate the design and develop your next web projects.

Maybe you also like the 50 best free webplates. 2D+ articles from the world's biggest HTML5 template, theme & design assets platform. In this section you will find multi-purpose documents that can be used for a wide range of applications. They can create a card, a wallet, or maybe even a webpage.

You can do credit to your name by giving you the liberty to do whatever you want with this template. As an empty screen on which you can draw your own artwork, the subject allows you to build any kind of website. It is a very good template for Portfolio, Agency, Magazine, Parallax, Marriage, Restaurant, Blog, Business, Corporate or App Page Displaycase.

Designed by Okler, Porto is another top-selling HTML topic on ThemeForest. WWWWards praised Rhythm, an accolade that recognises the talents and creative abilities of web design professionals. Design is fully reactive and adaptable. In addition, the design is equipped with more than 400 font Awesome symbols, fluid motion and 9 blogsayouts.

The Progressive is a straightforward but highly usable template with optimised and intuitively designed coding using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. Featuring more than 200 interacting items for fast and effortless fitting, as well as Twitter bootstrap and Free Revolution sliders to help you build any website you like.

Progressive, as the name implies, is evolving all the time and will be enhanced with more upgrades and functions in the near term. It is a portable and tablet-compatible HTML template that contains many functions that make the portable adventure seamless and simple. PhoneGap and Cordova Build are fully supported, so you can build your own iPhone or Android application.

The Slidebox has 27 page styles, all equipped with more than 100 copy and insert functions for entertaining and simple customisation. The Minio Smartphone is a portable HTML/CSS template that you can use to build a portable website, web application, or application. PhoneGap's built-in portable template includes a customizable template that fits effortlessly to any portable screen size.

There are also several pages and design features that make creating any section of your website or application fantastic. Nietzsche is based on the Timber Frame and is a rugged and versatile template that is suitable for various types of device, whether it' s a desk top, tray or cell phone. Contains sound portable menu bars, slider controls with full color control and working layout.

Nietzsche also has 8 self-developed plug-ins that you can incorporate into your template so that you don't need any additional third-party plug-ins for your slider, lightbox and partitions. Hemsptead is the template for you if you are a classicist who likes a clear and contemporary design.

The HTML template developed by Weiberg Media is also supplied with a WordPress edition that offers the same high performance both. HTML5 CSS3 Web Template uses the CSS3 Web system design and is optimised for portable handling. The Gatwick is a reactive multi-purpose template with multiple variations of laysouts and useful style and scripting that has been well proven in various web browser and device environments.

Sheets are preconfigured with stylus style developments for ease of use. In addition, there are also a number of blogs available to select from that will help you to quickly and simply build blogs postings, listings and pages. The Lambda is a fully reactive HTML template that looks great across multiple device models.

It' one of the largest HTML template on ThemeForest with more than 60 pages and more than 5 different types of working demonstrations and 6 headers. Published only in February 2015, it is already available on the v1.4 with new functions and enhancements, as well as the new store site demonstration and PSDs.

Further remarkable functions of the pack are the Skin Customiser, with which you can personalise your website with various customisable tags, and the Revolution Slider, with which you can make fantastic slide shows. In addition, Oxygenna, the topic developer, offers five-star service level customer satisfaction.

The Aura is an HTML template created by Pi Themes and has already more than 2K copies of it. Aura has a modular design from Bootstrap 3 for the beginner to the intermediate level. The most commonly used items are placed by default on each page to make it easy for novices, while experienced learners can delete the items they don't need from your overall CSRs and CSRs or create their own on the basis of the items they need.

The Eagle is a very new HTML template that was recently launched on the market. Nevertheless, due to its clear and contemporary design, it has already become one of the most beloved HTML themes on ThemeForest. Designed for any kind of website, this multi-concept design is perfect as it includes three different types of website: start page, create your own website folder, events page and healthcare page.

The Edena is a neat and versatile template with more than 100 layout and 15 colour scheme. It' simple to adjust and fully reactive. The Imago is a solid HTML5 template from Nunforest that was recently published in March 2015. It' s available as a one-page website or multi-page template with important functions like LESS file, FontAwesome, Revolution Slider and much more.

Featuring 15 ready-to-use demonstrations, more than 20 homepages and 18 blogs, Imago allows you to create almost any type of website, whether for your company, photo studio, freelancer, portfolio theme, staff, restaurant, medicine, travel, creative agency, corporate, magazine, blogs, interiors, e-commerce websites or a mobile use.

Created by Designova, Odin is a one-page HTML5 template that is both retinal and fully reactive. When you didn't know where to begin creating website administrators or dashboards, this is the ideal abbreviation. This section provides the best HTML template for administrators and dashboards. Bootstrap, jQuery and Less are used to create the topic administration materials, which are modeled on the Google proprietary materials design approach.

As the topic is built on this concept, Materials Admin uses materials as a metabolism, meaning that the surface and edge of the materials provides visible clues that help the user much more quickly grasp the functionality of an item. There are many features in the Materials Admin Frameworks, which makes customizing much simpler.

The Pages is a high-quality Web design template with a thoroughly developed UI framework to guarantee smooth functionality in the user interface. The program has built-in functions that create boiler plates for expressjs, SegelJs and Ruby on Rails. It' a well-documented topic that also includes multi-layer PNG and PSD, HTML, CSS, and JS file names.

And another great thing about the topic is the quick find function, where you can enter your query anywhere on the page. Clip-Two is a desktop board created with the Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework, AngularJS. There are two versions of Clip-Two - Clip-Two Admin and Clip-Two Admin RTL Version, both of which can be used individually and portable.

In addition, the topic provides all its clients with free upgrades. Created with Bootstrap 3 and GranularJS, this stunning website template provides interlaced view and routeing as well as a rotten burden for large scale work. A further function of this topic is the music view with a single page application, audioplayer, videoplayer, color choices and various layout possibilities.

Envato chose AdminDesigns as one of its presented template for good reasons. Based on Bootstrap 3, AdminDesigns has a dozen fixes that make it a great development tool set. Among the great things about it is the AdminPanels plug-in, which lets you modify almost anything at once, including Widget, Track, Color or Location.

There are also more than 25 ready-made templates in the topic that facilitate the creation of templates. Minnovate is a premier administrator baseboard basing on Twitter Bootstrap 3. It is a fully reactive template that works well on any HTML5 + CSS3 standard and on any machine. Its design is fully compliant with the most popular browser and includes many sample pages with many ready-to-use items.

The template is extremely reactive and simple to use and is based on Bootstrap 3.3. Several of the essential functions cover more than 65 template pages, multiple scripts, symbols and panel pages. XENON is a light, reactive administrative topic, based on the latest Twitter bootstrap release. All in all, the themes have 136 HTML templatas from a variety of UI component, layouts and design skin.

Xenon, one of the most favorite topics on ThemeForest, has a pure HTML and angular JS versions. Constructed with the LESS pre-processor, you can adjust the design slightly and have your very own customization to it. Learn app template bootstrap template using Google's material design policy.

This template is packed with functions specifically designed to improve the student and teacher experiences. Find the most appropriate template for creating business and on-line stores. When you have a busy timetable, these are the best place to start. With more than 25,000 sold since its launch in 2013, ThemeForest' best seller HTML template is ThemeForest' Adaptive HTML Template.

It' a versatile administration and front end topic that runs on Twitter Bootstrap 3.3. Until today the design has 4 full administration topics and 3 front-end topics. KeenThemes, Metronic's developer, is dedicated to updating the topic periodically with new functionality to keep pace with the aim of being the topic for all web apps.

The Biss is built on another best-selling topic created by Riva Themes, Biss PSD. The Biss is equipped with additional functions from advanced web technology that take the best functions of the Biss PSD and put them together so you can build a truly original website. Biss is a very reactive HTML and CSS template that allows you to display your website on different plattforms and on different equipment.

Progressive JQuery technologies offer great functions like drop-down effect, roundabouts, sorting and more. The BuildPress was developed with the building sector in view. Offering several functions and plug-ins, this HTML template makes it easy and fast to create a great website that presents your client's building shop.

Launched only in March 2o15, the topic has already achieved stable revenues with more than 100. The Euforia is a template for a web site that runs on HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 3. It uses the current World Wide Web (W3C) content source and includes functions that make your one-page website look fantastic.

The Palas is a fully reactive HTML5 template that allows you to create a company, e-commerce, brand, agencies, blog, web site or even more with just a little ingenuity. Made with Bootstrap 3. It is fully configurable and contains many shortcuts and functions. With its copy and past capabilities, you can create a website in such a hurry, even if you're just a newbie.

Travelo is a good HTML template if you are a company in the tourism sector, which you can use with an appealing and customisable lay-out using SCSS. This template is Bootstrap 3 compliant as well as other popular browser compatibility. Several of the functions includes reservation pages, searching field offered in three different types, 8 headers and 7 footers.

There also comes with more than 120 HTML style sheets that contain 10 colored skin, Megamenu, Ajax Photo Gallery template and Map Popup Box. House Build is a neat and simple HTML design and buisness template that comes with a Joomla and WordPress version. The ServerEast is a fully reactive HTML template built on Bootstrap 3.

And it has functions that are perfect for company web sites or for a web-hosting business. Automotive, as the name implies, is a showroom template that contains easy-to-use functions and a well thought-out stock control system that is ideally suited for a small to large showroom. This template contains functions developed for the automotive sector.

Several of the functions contained are a fully customized, searchable and searchable inventory tool to find your vehicle listings and a credit calculator. This template has a WordPress edition that has a fully functioning Inventory Management System. Additional bonus items are the 32 pixels flawless, full-layer Photoshop file and the Bootstrap 3 grids helplines.

The Base is a fully featured HTML template specifically developed for tour operators and hotels. It comes with a large photogallery and 20 high-resolution images to help you show off the best of your hotels, resorts or agencies. Made from Materialize and Twitter Bootstrap, MaterialX is developed with pros in mind to provide them with a place to create their portfolios or resumes in a neat and contemporary design.

Its design is easy to customize, quick to respond and can be used with all types of equipment. TownTours is another new HTML5 template that can be used by tourist offices or tourist offices. 3, the template has a neat HTML5 and CSS3 coding. It' s packed with functions that can be used to give general information about sights of the town, buy ticket, trips, travel guide and all other related utilities.

This template is browser friendly and comes with 4 home pages, 3 headers and 4 colour layouts. When you' re looking for an ultra-modern web design template that will suit your dining or grocery store, Elixir has functions that give you what you want.

Elixir is available in both One Page and Multi Page and is independent of the web browsers and very reactive. As the name implies, StoreMe is a template created by Mike Vlikorodnov for e-commerce websites. It' s packed with a variety of functions to make your e-commerce website truly special. Several of the design items contained are advertising pop-up, fast preview, 6 homepage lieouts, 4 catagories and 3 different products lieouts.

The Concept is a new HTML website template on ThemeForest provided to you by FLP Design. Relatively new, this minimalistic and contemporary portfolios template has already made ThemeForest's most favorite listing, not only because of its feature set, but also because of its clear look. His design is ideal for anyone who wants to present their portfolios and create their own brands on-line.

Extended was developed by F Media and is another relatively new HTML5 template on ThemeForest that is targeted at creative people who want to present their portfolios or present their businesses and related products andervices. The clear and contemporary design offers the right equilibrium to present contents and diagrams professionally and clearly.

They will make your design even simpler. Those template provide a page building tool (no programming required) that can help streamline your design time. Make was made by ThemesLab and is the first design to include the Administrator builder, which allows you to customise your administrator. Bootstrap 3 is used to create the management template, which is fully reactive to multiple use.

The latest upgrades have added new functions and plug-ins. Several of these functions contain Page Builder extra functions such as an Animated counter, 4 custom Widgets and the ability to move forms within a shape. ThmeKit is a variety of high-quality HTML template files designed for various niche applications, with specific business functions and a comprehensive UI architecture designed to secure your long-term project.

It' s based on Bootstrap and allows you to create your first web based project in a fast and agile way. Delivered with 319 HTML pages and a variety of UI functions and UI component. In addition, ThemeKit can adjust itself smoothly to any monitor type and every unit and at least the last 4 browsers are supported.

Get a high-performance, easy-to-use and versatile design with over 70 table of contents and several page heads at a minimum cost. HTML5 Lightbox Photogallery, 3 different menus and much more. Created by the Aussie developer Medium Rare, it is a multifunctional blocking template using Bootstrap 3.2. Perfect for any kind of projects you create, whether it's a commercial, educational, corporate, asset, portfolio or CV template.

Mashine is a versatile HTML template with a WordPress release. As ThemeForest' most beloved HTML template, you can create it in just three simple clicks. The Atlant is a fully reactive and network-enabled management template based on Bootstrap v3.3.2. Atlant has an administrator template and a frontend template that both contain LESS data and LESS document.

Whether you are introducing a new item or adding a new feature, with these designs you can do it in a stylish way. The Triada is a fully reactive and imaginative HTML 5 template that is perfect for informing your audiences or customers about your formal website launches. Based on the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technology and the latest Bootstrap3 frameworks, it is easy and fast to customize.

This template contains 6 different backgrounds and 2 extra pages - About us and Contacts. It is a creatively contemporary, minimum and fully reactive template that will be available shortly and can be used by any creatively minded professional office. The HTML -Template is Bootstrap version 3 compliant and supports many different browser versions.

There are 9 different backgrounds available - Layplan Backgrounds, Parallax Backgrounds, Frame Backgrounds, Gradient Backgrounds, Slide Show Backgrounds, HTML5 Video Backgrounds, YouTube Backgrounds, Youtube Video List Backgrounds and Gradient Backgrounds. The Orbitex is a basic, minimalistic approach to come soon with many choices.

This is the perfect template for those looking for a minimalistic user experience. This fast-reacting original based on Bootstrap 3 is available in three different wallpapers - Picture Wallpaper, Picture Scroll Wallpaper and YouTube Movie Wallpaper.

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